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Top 10 Most Bizarre Auctions Of Celebrity Items

10. Pregnancy Test

pregnancy-testBritney’s pregnancy test was supposedly found in the wastebasket in a room of the hotel she was staying at with then-husband. It was obtained by a Canadian radio station. The test sold for $5001 which went to charity.

9. Chest x-ray

marilyn-chestA chest X-ray of a 28 year-old Monroe taken in 1954 was sold for $45,000. The X-ray shows her full ribcage, shoulders and neck, along with a silhouette of her breasts.

8. Monogrammed Panties

elisabeta-IIQueen Elizabeth II’s silky panties with monogrammed initials, which queen probably forgotten in the plane in 1968. It was was found in 2010 and reached a price of 18,101 dollars.

7. Used Tissue

sc-768x432Scarlett Johansson very sexily blew her honker into a tissue and put the mucus-filled item in a bag and signed it. The gunky wad was sold for $5,300 and the money donated to charity.

6. Half-Eaten Toast

Niall-HoransWhen Niall Horan was in Australia with the band he tried a slice of toast with Vegemite which he didin’t like very much. He took one bite and spat it out. The remaining piece was reportedly auctioned off for a $99,000.

5. Kidney Stone

wiliamWilliam Shatner passed the stone after he collapsed while filming an episode of Boston Legal. The stone was returned to Mr. Shatner who donated the $25,000 it received from the auction.

4. Blood

reagan-blood-1The blood that was taken for analysis from Ronald Reagan by a hospital staffer after an assassination attempt on the former US President reached a price of $ 10,000 at auction.

3. Ping Pong Ball

will-wheaton-ping-pong-768x361Will Wheaton found in his garage dented ping pong ball. He nicknamed the ball Silas and posted it for sale. After 82 bids, Silas sold for $1,135 to a woman who the actor said “was an absolute joy to interact with”.

2. Toilet

jd-salinger-toiletToilet that was allegedly used in 1932 by famous American writer Salinger was posted on eBay. The seller claimed that the toilet is not cleaned since then. The toilet was sold for million dollars.

1. Breath

brad-and-angelina-breathWhen Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie walked down the red carpet someone was waiting for them with an empty jar. Allegedly, the famous couple then breathed into that jar. Nonetheless, their breath was sold for $530.

 Source: mytenbuzz


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