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Top 10 Hot Girls Photoshop Fails

1. Bigger is just better

There is clearly something wrong in the photo. I am not talking about the girl, which seems brought from a fairy tale into reality. The problem is we are not sure the bust size depicted here matches the reality and we don’t want our readers to be disappointed.


2. With a little help from Photoshop

The two girls are really happy with showing off their curves and thin waist. But anyone familiar with the possibilities offered by the latest versions of Photoshop knows that there are a couple of tools and tutorials directed at addressing such “flaws of the human body”.


3. Work that photoshopped a** girl!

This girl here is trying too much to impress and get herself in the spotlight. Although we like what we see, we know that most of it isn’t real. Last time we checked, they don’t make curves in bathroom doors. It’s a typical case of liquefying and warping the pixels so that they go in the right direction.


4. Hot girl with scary fingers

Some girls have a unique ability, they attract everything around them. Yes, mainly they attract boy’s attention, but, from time to time, even wooden fences are caught by the invisible gravity. In this shot here, the girl exhibits a typical distortion of the space-time continuum, which allows her to bend the once horizontal frame.


5. OMG –  So natural thin

A waist line which is almost as thin as your neck is a clear sign that someone messed up the Photoshop part. Although having a thin waist compliments the parts which should be naturally round, going too much spoils any positive effect and can even scare people away.


6. Ooops

We have to admit that everything looks good in this photo. The girl is not starring straight in the camera, she has a nice skin color, and a right amount of jewelry on her. We even like the hipster hat, which complements the rest of the outfit.


7. She should have chosen a simpler background

Again, the gravitational pull of the breast is able to take objects outside their normal dimensions and proportions. The Photoshop artisan here used a bit too much editing and did not manage to fool our expert eyes.


8. We really wanted to believe that this was real

When things are too good to be true, you should always start to look for clues. In this case, everything was positioned in front of our eye. Yes, it took our members of the technical team some good minutes before they were able to look to the left and to the right of the focal point of the image.


9. We know what you did

Nothing new here! Barbie hired someone unskilled to play in Photoshop and we can all see the results. The floor carpet got a small wave, curving also the wall. It happens, and is beyond control. Or is it?


10. She needs to work on her Photoshop skills

We really like the girl’s smile caught in this shot and we hope from all of our hearts that at least that is natural. As for the rest of the shot, we have serious doubts, as basic rules of architecture are not in effect. Again, someone is really pissed off by straight door lines.


Source: iluvbuzz


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