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20 Pictures Taken At The Right Moment

That moment when you find yourself in the right place at the right time. The timing of this priceless photo will make you laugh!

16Not everything is as it seems. The girl came to serve drinks and nothing more!

dogThis dog could not find a better place to do something like this, and become viral on many social media pages.

iceHere’s one image for all lovers of artistic skating! And congratulations for the photographer  who took this photo at the right moment. It looks a little weird, is it?

25It’s rare to see such a beautiful girl in heels at the pool, but it’s even less common situations to see beautiful girl falling into the water. Next time she will certainly consider before she walks along the edge of the pool. At that moment you would probably want to be a lifeguard.

13They say that the bulls are going for  red, but  this picture is proof that it is not always like that. This toreador was out of luck. Taurus seemed to know where it hurts the most!

7Nature sometimes can be enchanting. Have you ever seen such a butterfly ? This is not her eyes, that’s the beautiful nature. This girl came up with a wonderful idea and shared her picture with friends. Now taking selfies like this become common.

8-1You and your dirty imagination! This girl came to the pool and took a very usual picture. If you  still do not see, it’s just her knees.

9-768x432We hope that you will never have a chance to see what this man saw. A plane turned over only a few meters from him. Certainly picture will remain as something that will always remind him of that  moment.

10Animals again! How they can make us laugh. Look at the face of a dog who saw what was coming up, but couldn’t arrive to do a thing. Poor little dog.

11-768x745You can see almost everything at the stations. Is this a dog or a man? Or both? People often say that dogs look alike their bosses, but this is unbelievable. The head of the dog is fully integrated into the body of a man.

girl-waveThis girl took one of the best pictures on vacations, thanks to the perfect moment this photo was taken.

14-768x432And now we are back to art. Do not worry, she has a head.

15A very funny picture! You would not like to be in their skin, or well, somewhere else…

cats-6Surely you’ve seen two cats  playing, but something like this you haven’t. They made a heart from their tails. Beautiful scene!

18Some people like races, but something like this certainly do not expect. Driving without tires is not possible. We hope that this man is good and that at this point he can laugh at this accident.

19People love to have memories from sport matches  so they catch balls autographed or not. But this man did not want to catch it and yet he got it. In the future, he will have to work out on his reflexes. Except ball, he has a picture as a memory of an unpleasant event.

20All cat lovers know that they worship boxes and bags. As soon as they saw them, they jump in. Looks like this cat knows to pose for a picture and how to become a catman.

23Though man can not fly but this basketball player has proved the opposite. The photographer took a picture at the right moment. Congratulations to the player for his sacrifice.

24This is what happened when you want to take pictures of the fence. We hope that the lady in the white dress fared only minor injuries.

caatSeems that this man did not  hear that cats do not like water or swimming. This cat  is trying  to do everything to defend  herself.

 Source: mytenbuzz


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