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20 Of the Worst Shark Attacks Ever Recorded

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The shark. It is one of the most feared animals on the planet. Many people (including me) are afraid of these terror of the deep. Many people survive the powerful jaws of this majestic creature and lived to tell the tale. Others not so much. With that in mind, here are the 15 most horrifying shark attacks in history. Warning graphic images ahead:

Randy Fry



In 2004, Fry and his buddy were diving off the coast of California when disaster stuck. As Fry was swimming, the shark charged at him. According to his friend, Cliff Zimmerman, the shark “came out of nowhere and just grabbed him.” Fry’s body was discovered a day later with his head removed from his torso.

Terry Manuel



In 1974, Manuel was diving off the cost of South Australia. As he was finished with his afternoon diving, a giant great white shark struck him at 25 MPH. Manuel’s boat-mate, Talbot, managed to grab Manuel’s arm and eventually pulled him into the boat. Sadly, Manuel bled to death before help arrived.

David Lilienfeld



David Lilienfeld was a 20-year-old champion bodybuilder who was spending the day with his family at the beach when tragedy struck in 2013. As he was getting into the water, he was attacked by a shark. Innocent bystanders watched in horror as the shark ripped into Lilenfeld’s right leg. He was carried away on an ambulance where he was pronounced dead.

Todd Endris


National Geographic

This is the only one of two stories on this list that has a happy ending. In 2007, Todd Endris was surfing when a great white shark approached him and nearly ripped his skin off his back. As this was happening, a pod of dolphins came to the aid of Endris and forced the shark to swim away. It is believed that Endris survived by a miracle.

Mick Fanning


Your Daily Dish

In 2015, Pro Surfer Mick Fanning was involved in a J-Bay Open Surfing Competition when he was attacked by a shark. The incident was captured on tape as he was swimming away from the shark. He eventually reached the shore.

Elio Canestri


UK Mirror

On a beautiful sunny day in 2015, 13-year-old Elio Canestri left a note to his mom saying that he went surfing with a group of friends. While the group was in the water, a shark grabbed Canestri’s right arm and abdomen. A boat came to his rescue and removed him from the water, but he died soon after.

La Seyne



The oldest shark attack and most deadly on this list happened in 1909. The French liner, Le Seyne, collided with a British India Steam Navigation ship called Onda. Due to thick fog, the boats couldn’t see each other. As the ship sank, hundreds of sharks were waiting below. It is estimated that 100 people were eaten by the sharks.

Omar Conger



In 1984, two diving partners were off the coast of Santa Cruz. As Omar Conger was going up to the surface, he was attacked by a 16-foot great white. The shark violently shook him back and forth and eventually Conger was dragged underwater. His diving partner, Chris Rehm, was being targeted next and the shark let Conger out of his mouth. Rehm escaped and tried to call for help, but his partner had already died.

Ian Redmond


Daily mail

In 2011, Ian Redmond was taking a romantic vacation with his bride on the beach of Seychelles. Redmond was snorkeling a few yards away from the shore when a shark attacked him. The shark bit off one of his arms and legs. He was quickly pulled into a boat, but did not survive.

Marcia Hathaway

marcia_hathaway6 Shark Attack Survivors

In 1963, actress Marcia Hathaway was enjoying a romantic beach day with her fiancee Frederick Knight in Sydney, Australia. Hathaway decided to get into the water where she was attacked viciously by a shark. The attack was so brutal that it took most of her right leg. Knight pried the shark away from his fiance and rescued her, Hathaway died from massive blood loss.




In 2012, a girl known only as Sarah was on vacation with her family in the Indian Ocean. While she was snorkeling, a shark came up to her and sliced her body in half dragging one half of her body away.

Rodney Fox



In 1953, South Australian Spear Fishing Champion Rodney Fox was defending his title when a shark grabbed him by the waist. Somehow he survived the attack, but he needed 462 stitches in his chest and 92 in his right hand and arm.

Bethany Hamilton


Soul Surfer

One of the world’s most famous surfers, Hamilton was surfing off the coast of Hawaii on Halloween morning in 2003. As she was surfing, she was attacked by a shark and left laying on her board with her arm dangling. After losing 60% of her blood in the attack and undergoing multiple surgeries, she was back in the water in less than a month.

Shirley Ann Durdin

WSAH-ShirleyAnnDurdinIn 1985, Durdin was out in Peake Bay, Australia, with her family. She decided to go snorkeling when a 7-foot shark attacked out of nowhere. Her family watched in horror as the shark tore Durdin’s body apart. The only remains of Durdin was her headless torso.

David Borman

WSAH-Barry-WilsonIn September 2003, 19-year-old David Borman was at the beach with is six friends at Dunes, near Cape Town. Borman went into the water to surf when a great white shark attacked. Given the fact that Borman was wearing a black wetsuit and fins, the shark mistook him as a seal. When he was finally put to shore, he lost a substantial amount of blood and was pronounced dead.

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