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13 Celebrities Who Went from Fit to Fat

Hollywood celebrities live the life of the rich and famous so no wonder they look good in the silver screen. They have the money to enhance their looks and pay for different kinds of workouts thus explaining their fit and fab bodies. However once there is a rule, there is also a known exception to this so meet these 13 celebrities who went from fit to fat:

Leonardo Dicaprio

1.LEONARDO-DICAPRIOLeonardo might need to bid goodbye to his womanizing days as his body is not keeping up with his age. The Titanic star looks every bit of a chubby actor with his cute plump face and flabby abs.

Mariah Carey

2.MARIAH-CAREYDespite being a singing sensation it looks like Mariah Carey is no stranger to the brutal fat shaming in social media. Onlookers couldn’t keep their opinions to themselves in saying that the diva had put on too much weight. Time to hit the gym once again shouldn’t we, Mimi?

Britney Spears

3.BRITNEY-SPEARSWhere was the fit, lean and sexy Britney Spears we once knew? Well, she’s gone obviously. Fast forward to 2015, Britney is becoming more and more unattractive with her sagging tummy so a crash diet is her only recourse!

Jessica Simpson

4.JESSICA-SIMPSONThe blonde bombshell appears to be too lazy to even workout. Just take a look at this photo and you’ll definitely know what we’re talking about.

Janet Jackson

5.JANET-JACKSONOohlala, never knew that Janet Jackson would go down the fat path. In a vain attempt to cover her plump body, Janet is often seen sporting jacket hoodies and jogger pants.

Kelly Clarkson

6.KELLY-CLARKSONThe first American Idol songstress looks every bit of a Dumbo with her current body. After giving birth, Kelly has put on a lot of weight which subjected her to a number of fat shaming criticisms.

Oprah Winfrey

7.OPRAH-WINFREYThe Queen of all Media appears to have given up the thought of being slim and sexy with her recent photos. Ohh, we couldn’t blame Oprah if she loves eating. I mean who doesn’t, right?

Christina Aguilera

8.CHRISTINA-AGUILERAThe once sexy and bodacious singer is now happily embracing her curves. But err, Christina shedding a few pounds wouldn’t hurt. We miss your fit body anyway!

Vince Vaughn

9.VINCE-VAUGHNBeside from his comedic skills, Vince Vaughn was once famously known for his good looks and well-chiseled body. However it looks like those days are now a part of forgotten history as he is currently satisfied in being a quite chubby middle-aged looking man. Boohoo!

Matt Damon

10.MATT-DAMONDude, what happened? Like seriously? It sure appears Matt is doing frequent trips to his kitchen no wonder his body went looking like this.

Raven Symone

11.RAVEN-SYMONEMs. Symone went literally from fit to fat. Don’t you just agree with us on this one?

Matthew Perry

12.MATTHEW-PERRYMatthew Perry has always been a favorite since his F.R.I.E.N.D.S. days but it looks like his body is no longer a favorite these days.

Adam Sandler

13.ADAM-SANDLERDear Adam Sandler, why do you have to be this cruel to your body? Well, whatever, you might be rocking that dad bod anyway.

 Source: fitlifestyle


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