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Meet Donald Trump’s Surprising Doppelgänger: Henry VIII of England


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He was a vast egomaniac with multiple wives and a feud with the Pope. He was rich. He was famous. He loved the sound of his own name. We’re talking about Henry VIII of England, of course.

But we could also be describing Republican presidential candidate and businessman, Donald Trump.

Trump’s most recent spat with Pope Francis over who’s Christian and who’s not bears an eerie similarity to England’s most infamous monarch, who tore the Roman Catholic Church apart to get his way. And Henry VIII also took affront when the Pope (Clement VII) called him un-Christian, believing himself to be guided by faith in all things. Trump often calls himself a man of faith.



Their family history also shares some common similarities.

Just like Trump, Henry VIII was the son of a self-made man. His father, Henry VII, invaded England, killing the current king and seized the crown. He founded his own dynasty, leaving his son a legacy to build upon. Sound familiar? Of course, according to Trump, his father only left him a measly $1 million, not an entire country with filled coffers.

Oh and strangely enough, they both had one brother and two sisters. Trump even grew up in a Tudor-style home – Tudor being Henry VIII’s surname.

Another well-known fact about Henry VIII is his multiple wives. He had six wives, so while The Donald is only on his third wife, he has time to catch up. Sorry, Melania.


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One of the biggest parallels between the two men is their self-love. Trump has unabashedly said how attractive, smart, and successful he is. Henry VIII filled his court with flatterers, and loved to constantly hear their praise. He even planned a lavish meeting with the King of France where everything was gold in order to show off how rich and powerful he was. Sounds eerily like a Tudor-style Trump Tower.

Finally, even though Henry VIII ruled all of England, he always aspired for more, setting his greedy eyes on France. Trump “rules” a highly successful international business, but is now eyeing the ultimate prize – President of the United States. Only time and the American people will tell if Trump can succeed where Henry VIII failed.

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