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Top 10 Awesome & Cheap Ways To Decorate Your Home

If you are looking around your house and dying to do something new but don’t have the cash to spare, no worries. We got you covered! We have come across 10 incredible ways to add some fresh and fun spice to your space at almost no cost to you! So have a read, and have a blast recreating your home!

Clothesline Photo Display


Clotheslines are easy to make and super inexpensive. Plus, you can use them to hang more things other than photos from them. Notes, mementos, cards; you name it! This way you have a personal, cute, and resourceful touch in your home.

Newspaper Wall Art


Old newspapers provide a funky material for creating many different designs, while giving an edgy and modern feel. Here the newspaper was cut into the different continents to create a super cool world map on the living room wall!

Book Table


You need a place for unused books and don’t want to pay for shelving? You also need a small table between those two chairs but don’t want to buy that either? Problems solved: stack the books up and make a table! Your friends will be totally impressed.

Flower Lights


Wondering what to do with those Christmas Tree lights you have no room to store? Easy! Take some colorful cupcake liners, cut them to resemble flowers and leaves, and make a hole in the center to easily slide them around each bulb of the lights. Glued into place, these make an adorable string of illuminated flowers when lit up!

Hang A Favorite Quote (Or Ten)


We always like looking at photos of loved ones on the walls, so why not add some quotes which inspire and motivate? With some cheap frames and print-outs, you can make a wall of positive energy. You can even hand-write the phrases for a more personal touch.

Mini Corkboards


Even if you don’t have room for a large corkboard, you can cut out pieces from it to make smaller versions and hang those where it’s convenient. If you have any old coasters lying around, use the backs of those!

Paper Garlands


Most of us have loads of paper lying around; you can also think of using recycled scraps from other projects! With a variety of designs, from hearts and snowflakes to leaves and flowers, you can cut out a string of shapes to create a charming look in any room.

Fabric Art


Take some old pieces of fabric (or even buy new ones cheap) add some simple frames, and you got yourselves a seriously artsy, as well as beautiful, look to your home. Tip: Some stores even give fabric samples for free!

Map Art


To think of the money spent on art that makes no sense or seems like preschoolers made it. Instead, you can just pull out that unused map from your last trip, cut it, frame it and hang it on the wall. It’s fun, colorful, and shows where you’ve been! The web also has numerous funky maps to choose from.

Free Vintage Posters


Many old posters and flyers such as the above can easily be found on the internet; so no excuse for not being able to get them. You can choose from travel ads to food promos, and with the extensive number of cool-art campaigns from the past, pure retro or refined, you are sure to get something you love that’s perfect for your wall!

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