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The incredible thing that happens when a man embraces a woman

Writer David Tumarinson beautifully describes what happens during an intimate embrace.

“When a¬†man silently comes up¬†from behind and hugs a¬†woman, He¬†closes a¬†circle. His and her circle. This is¬†a¬†circle of¬†tenderness, warmth, and protection. And he¬†places a¬†woman right into the middle of¬†this passionate circle. He¬†thereby unintentionally shows that in¬†this particular moment, she is¬†the center of¬†his universe. A¬†man is¬†holding a¬†woman in¬†silence. A¬†woman is¬†staying silent, too. She feels the warm currents emanating from these hot and peaceful hands.

“When a¬†man hugs a¬†woman, She feels like she has wings, and she can fly. This circle of¬†love is¬†calm and cosy. This silent tenderness makes her melt like a¬†sugar cube in¬†a¬†cup of¬†tea. Who is¬†she now, standing in¬†the center of¬†his smouldering circle?

¬ęWhat does she feel? Who is¬†she in¬†this moment?

¬ęIs¬†she a¬†woman, or¬†a¬†girl? Does she feel loved, or¬†is¬†she doing the loving? Does a¬†light blanket of¬†silence cover the woman‚Äôs shoulders and hide her thoughts from the man…or maybe nothing is¬†hidden in¬†this private circle? After all, he‚Äôs just holding her, protecting her from the outside world that is¬†so¬†cold and lonely. But in¬†his arms it¬†is¬†warm and comfy. These arms are her protection and tranquillity. It¬†is¬†everything a¬†woman unknowingly looks for, waits for and hopes for…¬Ľ

Hug your lady more often. Place her in¬†the centre of¬†your circle. Cherish your lady by¬†showing her how tender and sensual your love can¬†be. Just love her¬†‚ÄĒ she craves¬†it, just as¬†you¬†do.

Source: brightside | Source: David Tumarin
Preview photo credit: Ivan Troyanovsky


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