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The ‘Butt Flip Challenge’ Proves People Will Do Anything For Attention

The ‘Butt Flip Challenge’ proves people will do anything for attention. And I am okay with that… Anything to get butts in bikinis and you know my creepy ass is down.

The Butt Flip Cup craze is simple. A challenger flips a cup over using only their backside. Sometimes the easiest tasks are the best trends. ex. Dumping ice on your head.

The challenge originated last year and is just now making a comeback!

#nailedit #Vegas

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Strippers do it:

Rs rs #bootyflipcup #flipcup

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Campfire booty popppin🍑🍑

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Flip butt. #TFM Send your photos and videos to [email protected]

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Here is the girl in the thumb so you guys don’t think I baited you here:

Some people even post the fails:

Bing. Bang. Boom. @oliviamfchristensen @krklatt #bootyflipcup #epicfail

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For more Instagram or Snapchat with the hashtag #buttflipcup or #bootyflipcup.

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