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These 15 Food Packaging Will Shock You!


Without any exaggerations, our contemporary society is a real goods consumer.

People are constantly buying something. They always need spending their money on something. With the appearance of supermarkets, all the good started to be packaged in all possible ways. Here are of them, which will certainly shock you!

1.Isn’t that skin on a banana enough?

2.Is it a problem that you can’t sell bananas without putting them into a plastic?

3.What is the purpose of wrapping these potatoes?

4.They decided protecting sweet potatoes from this dangerous world.

5.Here is how a melon is protected. Looks funny, isn’t it?

6.You can even gift these potatoes to someone.

7.Why you have wrapped those poor tomatoes?

8.They thought that one layer of plastic wouldn’t be enough.

9.A funny way to protect coconuts.

10.Poor apples – what else I can say?

11.A new innovation – clementine package!

12.Telling the truth, the fruit is not able protecting itself.

13.How this package can protect aubergines?

14.It seems that there is no way washing lettuces! What a shame!

15.As if you are going to eat onions with its outer layers.

Source: indigodaily


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