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The 4 Types of Belly Fat and How to Get Rid of Each

Before beginning a diet and exercise regimen, it’s a good idea to discover which of the four types of belly fat you have. Then you will know the most efficient and effective way to get rid of it.

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1.The first type is called “punctured tire” belly fat

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It results from sitting too long in one place and eating too many sugary foods. The first thing to do to get rid of this belly fat is cut down or eliminate soft drinks and alcohol. Then start eating a healthy diet that includes fruit and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and good fats such as olive oil.

2.The second type of belly fat is called “stress” belly fat

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It is common in people who are perfectionists (thus high-strung and constantly stressed out) as well as those with digestion and other stomach issues. The way to get rid of this belly fat is eat three well-balanced meals a day, don’t skip any, and cut out the junk food (including soft drinks) and caffeine.

3.The third type of belly fat is called “low belly” fat

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It collects in the lower abdomen and results from lack of exercise and eating the same foods on a regular basis. It’s the type of belly fat that otherwise slim people get if they don’t get enough exercise. Getting rid of this type of belly fat involves getting more exercise and eating a well-balanced diet.

4.The fourth type of belly fat is called “bloated belly” fat

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It results from eating foods that disagree with your body and that lack essential vitamins and minerals. Getting rid of this type of belly fat involves eating a well-balanced diet that includes foods and beverages your body tolerates well. So the first step in getting rid of your belly fat is figuring out which of these four types you have. Once you’ve done that, you figure out how to get rid of it. However, before starting any diet and exercise regimen consult your doctor. Tell him or her what you plan to do (or ask for suggestions if you aren’t sure what to do) and ask if your plan is a safe one. Then get a complete physical so you have a baseline to track your progress.

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