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Horribly Awkward Prom Photos

Prom seasons come and go and no one looks exactly great in high school. But these are the epitome of awkward. I wonder if they look at these pictures anymore?

506469968-Copy-2-2Source: cdn

Since when did Prom turn into a night out at the club???


Source: boreburn

I think Tyler and his Anaconda said yes…


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She’s cheaper than the dress!


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Actually, I kind of dig this one…


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You mad bro?


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This dress looks more like a bad bridesmaids dress. And come on, you couldn’t take off the sunglasses for one picture? Do you think you look cool or something?


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Oh there’s nothing like showing your love of hunting through your custom made camo dress and dad holding a rifle. This picture is just the worst. Put on a shirt, Dad!


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If my date showed up in nothing but denim shorts, I’d be making that face too. Take a lap, date. Get a tux on and be a man!


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I guess this guy would really rather be fishing. I think his fish is wearing a first holy communion dress… Creepy!


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Do you think that guy broke his arm from falling off of the mini horse?

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