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Tree Houses have captured the imagination of mankind from the beginning of time.

A tree house portrays a unique world of creativity, imagination and adventure. The innate desire of humans to have the connection to nature drives then leverage any opportunity and means they can get to get closer to nature. Although urbanization and the extent of time people spend at work has been constantly eroding this aspect of humans and replacing it with more virtual means like social media, virtual reality etc.

But still there is a population who continue to build their passions in some very innovative and unique ways.

We have tried to capture some of the finest Tree houses ranging from the basics to the extremely luxurious. Check them out.

1.The Fairyland Tree House

1.-The-Fairyland-Tree-HouseSource: inspire52

A beautiful house that simply looks amazing. Look at the large mushrooms and lush green leaves at the base. Don’t you want to be there now?


Source: inspire52

This is how this tall tree house looks from the ground. It is tall, amazing, and kept tidy. These mushrooms are really awesome.

Yes, do not forget to read the instructions.

2. The Alien Space Ship

2.-The-Alien-Space-ShipSource: inspire52

Looks like an alien ship but it is a house built with wood. It is entirely made of wood and is not as large as some of the other tree houses but it really is cool.


Source: inspire52

Do not confuse it with gondola boats.

A simple and tiny tree house that is best for spending a couple days with your loved ones.

4. The Ranch

4.-The-Ranch1Source: inspire52

It dangerously stands on a tree but trust me, it is durable and safe. It will not come to the ground even if your entire family stays there for a week.

5. The Collection

5.-The-CollectionSource: inspire52

There are three tree houses in the collection. The fourth one is not a tree house so don’t get confused.

These are traditional old-styled houses that will take you to golden old days.

6. For the Family

6.-For-the-FamilySource: inspire52

Looks small but it has a lot of space and it is airy. Your family can easily fit in it.

The entire house is as elegant as the stairs.

7. 5 Star Luxury on the tree top

7.-5-Star-Luxury-on-the-tree-topSource: inspire52

Want to spend a day or two in a luxury 5-star hotel located on a tree top? This is where you should head to.

8. Out of the World

8.-Out-of-the-World1Source: inspire52

These tree houses look scary and it seems as if you are about to enter a spaceship from another planet, but once you are at the top, you will never wish to leave.

9. Colonial

9.-Colonial1Source: inspire52

How about this house with a gallery? The stairs are not comfortable but the house really is. It has a lot of space to do pretty much anything you want.

10. Peaceful Abode

10.-Peaceful-Abode1Source: inspire52

It is a full-sized house resting on a thick tree. The tree is passing through the house which makes it a wonderful place to spend a few days.

11. The Roots

11.-The-Roots1Source: inspire52

Instead of creating a house at a top tree, this one was built at the bottom. It is built from wood and stones making it look like a house from the past era.

The Final Roundup, many of these can be enjoyed as rentals, take a vacation to tree house the next time.

treehousecollectionSource: inspire52

Here we go with some of the most adorable and worth visiting tree houses from around the globe. Just don’t miss the Canadian tree house.

Source: galacticbuzz


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