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10 Hottest Celebrity Siblings You Never Knew Existed

While the most popular celebrities get all the attention, their brothers and sisters sit in the background. Sometimes these people in the background are super-hot. We compiled a list of the hottest celebrity siblings you probably never think about.

Alex Watson


Alex Watson is the pretty boy brother of the legendary Harry Potter actress, Emma Watson. Emma has grown into a beautiful woman herself, and her brother looks just about as pretty as her. He is an actor/model. He also played as an extra in the first two Harry Potter movies. Him and Emma also modeled together during a photoshoot for Burberry Fashion. He also once got a background role for the music video, Pixie Lott, back in 2010. It will be interesting to see if his star ever rises as high as his sister’s. The odds are definitely against him.

Austin Swift


The infamous Taylor Swift has a brother named Austin Swift. The two are very close. Austin is 2.5 years younger than Taylor. He apparently is confused after starting college at Notre Dame, then transferring to Vanderbilt and then making another transfer back to Notre Dame. These rich people always get confused with limitless options. Taylor often recruits Austin and his friends to be in her music videos. Austin is also a freelance photographer for Getty images and sells photos of Taylor. Why not milk that cash cow that is your sister?

Pippa Middleton


It must be nice being the younger sister of Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. The list of perks is endless once you marry into the royal family. Pippa Middleton is an English Socialite, author and columnist. She was first noticed during her sister’s wedding to Prince William when she was the maid of honour. It was kind of hard not to say, “look Kate has a younger hot sister.” It’s also hard to believe no one has pounced on the opportunity to scoop her up. Maybe Pippa wants to enjoy the single life with all that fame and power she acquired.

Monica Cruz


Who knew Penelope Cruz had a twin? Well maybe not her twin, but her younger sister, Monica, looks a heck of a lot like her. When you put them together, it is hotness overload. Monica is also an actress like her sister. She has starred in lesser known films including: Jerry Cotton, The Final Inquiry and Asterix at the Olympic Games. Definitely not as successful as her sister who has appeared in hit movies such as: Blow, Volver and Vanilla Sky. Let’s just say if you have acted with Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise you are the top of the class.

Donnie Wahlberg


You may have heard of Donnie but let’s face it, it’s impossible to outshine Mark Wahlberg. The man is insanely rich and every project he touches turns into gold. The most questionable decisions he makes are some of the roles he takes. Sometimes they seem a little stupid for a high profile actor. His sibling, Donnie Wahlberg, has picked up some good roles over the years himself. Why not feed off some of the success of your younger brother? After all you are the older one. Also, Donnie is married to Jenny McCarthy. Lucky lucky man. Recently, he has been playing a major role on the TV show, Blue Bloods.

Dave Franco


With the wild popularity of James Franco these days, it is sometimes hard to remember he has a rather successful younger brother. In reality, James is one of the most versatile actors working today and easily one of the funniest in his comedies. Pineapple Express will put most normal human beings into tears with laughter. So it’s easy to understand why no one thinks of Dave. He has caught some roles from the coattails of his brother appearing in 21 Jump Street, Fright Night and Now You See Me. He has some of that same charm as James and this makes him not so bad.

Oliver Hudson


The brother of Kate Hudson is Oliver Hudson. In recent years, he has been picking up some steam in his own career. He recently played the role of Adam Rhodes on the CBS comedy series Rules of Engagement. The show aired between 2007-2013. It also doesn’t hurt that his mother is Goldie Hawn. That woman has a flare unlike any actress we have ever seen. That unique flare won over Kurt Russell even with the baggage of her kids with Bill Hudson. Kate Hudson considers her father as Kurt Russell and not Bill Hudson. Good job of parenting Bill.

Lizzy and Victoria Pattinson


Lizzy and Victoria Pattinson, the blonde, sexy counterpart sisters to Robert Pattinson. These two look like a fun time to say the least. Apparently, the family is very close to each other. They love to stick up for each other. Robert has his duties babysitting the two while the sisters look out for Robert. Recently, when Kristin Stewart cheated on Robert with the director from her movie Snow White and the Huntsman the two eventually split. Lizzy and Victoria didn’t take that lightly, saying they’d “kill her” if she tried to weasel her way back into Robert’s life.

Eric Lively


Well Blake Lively is insanely hot so if you came out of the same womb, you should have a good shot at being hot too. That’s what happened for her brother, Eric. He is never really talked about or heard about, but he’s got to be having a good time. Come on his sister is filthy rich and married to filthy rich Ryan Reynolds. Eric is smart to play the card of low key. He gets the benefits of being famous without all the drama attached to it. He did play in the sequel to The Butterfly Effect, The Butterfly Effect 2, but who has ever seen that?

Dylan Efron


Looks like those Efron genetics are fairly strong. Two boys and they both look about the same. For all the girls out there who want some extra Efron eye candy, feast your eyes on Dylan Efron. Dylan is younger brother to famous celebrity Zac Efron. At first, he wasn’t a fan of his brother probably due to jealously, but now they are friends. They live together now. Zac got his claim to fame in High School Musical. He is basically a new age looking Tom Cruise, yet not even remotely close to as good of an actor as the legend Tom Cruise.

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