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These Mosques Would Take Your Breath Away!


Mosques are really one of the biggest wonders on this earth.

They are so beautiful and truly stunning. They take your breath away. There are so many mosques around the world. We have chosen the best for you. Let’s travel to the most amusing mosques on our planet:

Masjid al-Haram


The mosque is situated in Mecca and is considered to be one of the holiest spots in Islam. It is so stunning and captivating. It is the location for many pilgrims from around the whole world.

Nasir ol Molk


The mosque is found in Iran and is often called “a Pink Mosque”. The construction of it was finished in 1888. The mosque looks fantastic in the morning due to kaleidoscope effect.

Dome of the Rock


This Dome of the Rock is situated in Jerusalem, in its Old City. The building was finished in 7th century. The mosaic makes the mosque a perfect attraction for many tourists. It’s difficult to describe its beauty – you need see it with your own eyes.

Jama Masjid


It is one of the most fascinating mosques in India. Moreover, it’s the largest in the whole country and attracts pilgrims from the whole world.

Süleymaniye Mosque


It is the most beautiful mosque in Turkey. It was built in 16th century. It’s situated on one of those famous 7 hills of Istanbul. The mosque is a captivating landmark in the whole city.

Ubudiah Mosque



The place is known to be one of the biggest attraction sin Malaysia. Officially, it was opened in 1917. It has such a peculiar and unusual from, which makes it truly stunning.

Source: indigodaily


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