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5 Tricks To Boost Your Pokemon That Are As Good As Old School Cheats

So Pokemon GO has been with us a little while now and most of us should have mastered the basics if not then check out our earlier article on becoming a Pokemon master from the start by clicking here! Now you are all up to speed, there are some tips and tricks that the most advanced users employ in order to level up quicker and get their hands on stronger and more exotic Pokemon. Here we take you through these 5 tips and explain why they’re so invaluable.

1. Pidgey Stacking

You can use this technique with any Pokemon but Pidgey is the most plentiful and readily available, hence the name. By catching a bunch of these easily found, low-level Pokemon, you just store them up until you are positively swamped by them. Then, use a lucky egg, which will double your XP and begin evolving them before trading them in. Obviously, you need to get the trade/evolve balance right so you have enough candies to keep going but it will rocket your level right up and allow you to catch higher level Pokemon in the long run.


2. Individual Values

You may have noticed that some Pokemon rank up in a far more impressive manner than others and this is dependent on various factors including how high their level was when you caught them. These individual values all contribute to how high the Pokemon’s HP, CP, and attack will be when it levels up but rather than trying to do the math yourself, you can use handy apps on android such as the IV calculator app. Failing that, Reddit group the Silph road (who can be found here) have their own calculator to work out where those precious candies and stardust should go.


3. Eevee Evolution

When evolving an Eevee, the evolution can go one of three ways, either into the water-type Vaporeon, the electric type Jolteon or the fire type Flareon. All are decent but the evolutions are completely random if you just leave them to their own devices which means you could end up with a load of Jolteons and none of the other two. However, there is a way around this. In a pretty cool nod to the original anime series Pokemon, naming your Eevee after one of the Eevee brothers will guide which way it evolves. Many may remember the episode in which we meet the Eevee brothers, one with a Jolteon, one Vaporeon and one a Flareon but do you remember their names? If so then name your Eevee after the brother who had the desired evolution and then it will evolve into that Pokemon when you have enough candies to do so. Don’t worry, you don’t have to rummage through your old VCR’s we’ve detailed it below.

Sparky – Jolteon

Rainer – Vaporeon

Pyro – Flareon


4. Keep Your Phone Plugged In At Your Desk

Walking in order to hatch Pokemon eggs is a big component of the game but if you don’t walk as part of your commute and you sit at a desk all day then it can be hard to clock up some decent mileage. However, depending on how accurate your phone’s location settings are, it can wander from time t time, not in any dramatic sense but keeping it plugged in and the app open by your side can gain you up to half a kilometer of extra walking.


5. Appearance Maps

It’s a matter fact that if you stay in one area you are going to keep catching the same old Pokemon over and over again so you have to get out of your area. Simple. That being said, sometimes, if you are looking for a specific Pokemon or want something wildly different, then there are certain areas that offer you the best chances of catching said Pokemon. Clever people have already started mapping where Pokemon are appearing and so it increases your odds of finding what you want. One such map is that will let you know when and where Pokemon have been spotted.


Source: lifehacklane


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