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5 Natural Oils Which Replace Your Moisturizing Daily Face Cream

Natural oils are quickly on their way to becoming beauty holy grails for giving several skin benefits. If you have the right oils, they can certainly protect your skin and keep it moisturized, smooth and soft. Natural oils are scientifically proven to be enriching the skin for they possess essential vitamins and fatty acids, the very reasons that normalizes our metabolism and improve our blood microcirculation. They also delay the process of aging, remove unwanted toxins and reduce acne and flares.

The mainstream skin care products that you see on beauty counters somehow lack these essential oils, they strip the oil out of the skin instead of enhancing it. If you are unlucky, you may experience the opposite- dry, irritated skin replaced by oily skin after using such products. To take care of your skin, it is vital to look for cold pressed oils in the market, those without any added chemicals to them. Cold pressed oils are known to save all of their benefiting nutritional ingredients so that you get the most from their properties.

For those who are quite skeptical to apply oil to their face, throw your worries out the window for these oils are absolutely natural and 100% safe for your skin. You just need to find the one that perfectly fits your skin type, or create your very own mixture of oils.


1.Avocado-Oil-for-Skin-min-300x225Did you know that avocado oil has many skin benefits? It is very high in healthy monounsaturated fats and contains several vitamins such as Vitamins C, A and E. It effectively yet gradually removes the scales, protects the skin from undesirable toxins, age spots and powerfully hydrates dry skin so it is better to use this oil as your regular nightly facial moisturizer. You can also toss your regular sunscreen creams and replace them with avocado oil! Why? Simply because it is easily absorbed thus the oil penetrates deep into your skin. However, if avocado oil doesn’t work well for your skin, look at the brighter side for you can still use it as a salad dressing!


2.Mango-Oil-min-1024x429Who would have thought that this delicious sweet tropical fruit has skin benefits as well? Mango kernel oil is one of the byproducts derived from the mango fruit that is widely used in the cosmetic and soap industry. This oil works wonders for it has a number of health benefits- it retains water thus prevents the loss of it, prevents formation of wrinkles, reduces blemishes and dark spots, prevents the occurrence of acne, and detoxify skin from the inside. Mango oil is also full of vitamin A which is a vital nutrient needed by the skin. One benefit also is that it naturally melts when in contact with skin, making it more appealing for sun care balms and other facial skin care products.


3.coconut-oil-minCoconut oil has been known to possess a number of health benefits so it’s no wonder it is included in most of beauty products! Rich in antibacterial properties, proteins, and vitamin E, coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer as it makes the skin soft, glowing and healthy! It also provides protection against burns and helps eliminate unwanted dryness, peeling skin, and irritation after constant exposure to sun and wind. Coconut oil is also perfect as a makeup remover for it removes stubborn inky eye make up!


4.peach-kernel-minPeach kernel oil is a favorite ingredient among many skin care products and lip balms for it has effective anti-aging properties, rich in beneficial fatty acids and contains vitamins A, E and a variety of B-group vitamins. This oil is great in nourishing the skin from within without leaving a greasy feel. The light, easily absorbable and penetrating character of peach kernel makes it a natural choice for delicate facial skin care.


5.jojoba-oil-minJojoba oil works perfectly for daily skin care and for every skin type for it has great similarities to human skin oil. This oil is popularly used in sensitive skin areas around the eyes. It also relieves dry, chapped and cracked lips for it provides all day moisture. When applied to the skin, jojoba is completely absorbed thus it doesn’t leave any eeky, greasy feel. It also doesn’t evaporate like other water based skin care products.

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