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19 Reasons That Confirm You’re Too Old For Clubbing

crazy-raver-danceFor most people, clubbing is their kind of fun not until you reach a particular age. But how would you know when your age is quite annoying to go clubbing? Here are 19 thoughts that cross your mind:

What 10 P.M. shindig? It’s WAY past my bed time

1.10-PM-shindig“Instead of getting ready by having my make up done, it looks like I’m ready to dive in my bed instead.”

You feel pissed by paying a $20 cover to get in

2.-You-feel-pissed-by-paying-a-20-cover-to-get-in“Seriously? I’m paying for $10 a drink and I need to pay another 20 bucks just to get in?”

The disco lights start to give you seizures and some serious fits

3.-The-disco-lights-start-to-give-you-seizures“I must not forget my medications or else people will notice.”

The song being played is unfamiliar and you don’t even know its lyrics

4.-The-song-playing-is-unfamiliar“Wait? Was that a new song?”

You start noticing how kids wear clothes these days

5.-You-start-noticing-how-kids-wear-clothes-these-days“Are they even wearing clothes? Because they sure looks like naked.”

You’re alredy sick doing test tube shots

6.-You’re-alredy-sick-doing-test-tube-shots-“I’m not in a science laboratory so please stop!”

You ask if they ever serve your favorite brand of chardonnay

7.-You-ask-if-they-ever-serve-your-favorite-brand-of-chardonnay“I want that steel-barreled not that cheap oak-barreled, OK?”

Shoving and shouting just to get a drink gets on your nerves


“Do they even listen with all these noise?”

You observe how people down five shots in 10 minutes and wonder why they still have the energy to go grab more drinks

9.-You-observe-how-people-down-five-shots-in-10-minutes“Are they even for real? How do they do that?”

You wonder how anyone on this club is enjoying this blaring music

10.-You-wonder-how-anyone-on-this-club-is-enjoying-this-blaring-music“I think I need an ear plug just so I can save myself from this deafening music.”

You feel obligated to hand out condoms just for the way people are grooving

11.-You-feel-obligated-to-hand-out-condoms“Zumba? Ball room? Salsa or rumba, anyone?”

Then you feel pressured to get tested the next day

12.-Then-you-feel-pressured-to-get-tested-the-next-day“A shower is so expensive these days. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, blah blah.”

Claustrophobia is getting to you

13.claustrophia“Do you even have to be this close? Get away please! I can’t breathe!”

Your head begins to ache from your first drink

14.-Your-head-begins-to-ache-from-your-first-drink“Where’s my ever reliable aspirin?”

You worry that the look of horror on your face is quite obvious from the moment you stepped in

14.-You-worry-that-the-look-of-horror-on-your-face“Do I need to fake it?”

You can’t wait to lounge in your couch and the thought of Netflix excites you

16.-You-can’t-wait-to-lounge-in-your-couch-and-the-thought-of-Netflix“Can I just a grab a taxi, go home and watch my favorite reruns?”

It’s past midnight, oh no!

17.-It’s-past-midnight“I am Cinderella! I need to be home by 12, pronto!

Going home and lying in bed all night long sounded so good

18.-Going-home-and-lying-in-bed-“Finally! Freedom at its finest!!”

You realize you are never ever stepping out of the house again

19.-You-realize-you-are-never-ever-stepping-out-of-the-house-again“I’ve made up my mind. I’m better off being home.”

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