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7 Ways To Keep Your [email protected] Healthy And Infection Free

We all know tips and tricks for getting healthy hair and skin, but what about having a healthy [email protected]? Most women are taught early on to cleanse daily with strong soap or use “feminine hygiene” sprays, but this can actually do more harm than good. Knowing the right way to stay clean, choosing foods that will boost your health, and even exercising your [email protected] are all ways you can keep your [email protected] in tip top shape. Read on to learn more about how to have a healthy [email protected]

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1. Use only the mild soap or simple warm water to wash down there.

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If you don’t know, let me tell you that the [email protected] is an advanced machine which keeps clean itself with that white or yellow discharge. The bacteria lactobacilli keeps the pH balance of the [email protected](less than 4.5). Using of hard soap or other cleanser may disrupt this system. Use warm water to thoroughly rinse your [email protected], labia and [email protected] You can use non-irritating, plain mild soaps sometimes to clean the outer area of your [email protected]

2. Use 100% cotton undergarments.

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While selecting undies you should always choose cotton only because they are skin-friendly and will care for your skin. As the air circulation keeps your vul*a dry. Wash your underwear with mild detergent .

3. Try to avoid douches and feminine hygiene sprays.

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Many women use douches just to feel cleaner. Washing and spraying water into your [email protected] in an effort to clean it with commercial douches may make you feel cleaner, but it’s actually screwing up the good and bad bacterial balance in your [email protected] area.

4. Pee after making love

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When you are in bed, the bacteria may transfer easily to each other. Even doctor recommend, after $exual int*rcourse peeing is good for health. This helps you avoid painful UTIs. After $ex, drink lots of water and I guarantee you will just run to loo.

5. Change your tampons and pads too often.

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Change the tampons and pads to avoid infection. You should keep changing your pads after every 4 hours which will keep you away from bacteria. If you don’t like changing your pads and tampons so often, you could consider using menstrual cups which are more environmentally-friendly and hygienic like Mooncup or Divacup.

6. Always try to keep it dry.

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If you wash it and leave it wet then more bacteria generates in the moist and dark environment. This all then causes itching and infections. Wipe gently after washing then only wear the pant!es.

7. Eat as much as yoghurt you can.

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As yogurt contains so much bacteria so good for health to have it. Eating regularly yogurt can keep your [email protected] infection free.

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