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Top 10 Highest Female Money Makers In The World

We often read that women have a way to go when it comes to equal pay and corporate respect. That may be true, but there are those women in the world of business who have made it big, are making big bucks, and are big role models for all other females out there. Check out these 10 women, their education, their careers, and their gigantic pay checks!

Elizabeth Buse ($15,586,076/Year)

2-elizabeth-buse-728x532Just this year Elizabeth Buse became the CEO of Monitise Plc, a mobile banking technology company, but rose to fame as the Executive Vice President of Global Solutions for Visa where she worked for 15 years; before then she had been at First Data Corp. With an MBA from UC Berkeley as well as a BA in Spanish Linguistics from UCLA, Buse has profited from her bilingual skills as well as stellar resume. Last year she made $15,586,076.

Marillyn Hewson ($15,746,535/Year)

2-marillyn-hewson-728x546Now 61 years old, Marillyn Hewson arrived at Lockheed Martin 30 years ago and was named its CEO and President in 2013. With a BA in business administration, she also got a masters in economics from the University of Alabama. Hewson is now on the board of directors for both Sandia National Laboratories and DuPont as well as Lockheed, and she has been called by Forbes one of the most powerful women in business. Bringing home $15,746,535 per year, Hewson has come a long way from her home town of Junction City, Kansas.

Sheryl Sandberg ($16,147,148/Year)


Social media has come a long way, and those who caught this wave early are enjoying a tubular ride indeed. A summa cum laude graduate from Harvard, majoring in economics, Sandberg then got her MBA from Harvard Business in 1995. Before joining Google as their Vice President of Global Online Sales and Operations, Sandberg worked for the US Treasury Department. It was in 2007 that she famously met Mark Zuckerberg and became Facebook’s COO. Today Sandberg earns $16,147,148 a year.

Meg Whitman ($17,643,243/Year)

2-meg-whitman-728x546Meg Whitman has worked for multiple companies over the years, after graduating with honors from Princeton in 1977 with a BA in economics and attaining her MBA from Harvard. Her first position had been at Procter & Gamble as a brand manager, which she left in 1989 to become Walt Disney’s Vice President of Strategic Planning. In 2011 Hewlett-Packard named Whitman their CEO where she makes $17,643,243  per year and currently enjoys a net worth of $2.1 billion. Bloomberg nevertheless called her the “Most Underachieving CEO” in 2013.

Phebe Novakovic ($18,769,110/Year)

2-phoebe-novakovic-728x546Phebe Novakovic emigrated with her family from Serbia and attended Smith College as well as the University of Pennsylvania for her MBA. After college, Novakovic actually worked for the CIA and the Department of Defense before landing a position at the aerospace defense company General Dynamics, where she has worked ever since. Promoted to President and COO in 2012, Novakovic became Chairman of the Board and CEO in 2013. Serving on the board of Abbott Labs as well, Novakovic now earns $18,769,110 a year.

Carol Meyrowitz ($20,720,802/Year)

2-carol-mayrowitz-728x410Carol Meyrowitz got her BA in marketing and management from Rider University and now holds positions with a variety of companies. The director of Amscan Holdings Inc. and Staples Inc., Meyrowitz also began working in 1983 for the TJX Companies which owns the likes of T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods. Promoted to Executive Vice President after 18 years and then on to the Senior Executive VP, followed by President, Meyrowitz was then named the CEO of TJX and takes home $20,720,802 annually. Forbes ranks her as one of the Top 100 most powerful women today.

Meg Gentle ($21,721,238/Year)

2-meg-gentle-728x484Meg Gentle graduated with her BA in economics in 1996 from James Madison University but did not get her MBA until 2004 at Rice University. However, those eight years were well spent in market development at Anadarko Petroleum Corporation and Pace Global Energy Services. With her MBA in hand, Gentle became first Manager of Strategic Planning at Cheniere Energy Inc. in Houston, Texas and then Vice President of her entire division. Just recently in 2014, Gentle was named Executive Vice President of Marketing for Cheniere and makes $21,721,238 a year.

Marissa Mayer ($24,935,712/Year)

2-marissa-mayer-728x451Marissa Mayer graduated from Stanford in 1997 and went on to get her masters in computer science there in 1999. With a plethora of job offers, Mayer chose to write code at Google at a time when the company had only 19 employees. Mayer has often been credited with much of Google’s early success, and she was justifiably disappointed when she got famously demoted in 2010. Not long after, Yahoo! came calling in 2012 and made Mayer President and CEO of their company. Mayer now pulls in $24,935,712 per year.

Safra Catz ($37,666,750/Year)

2-safra-catz2-728x410Safra Catz emigrated from Israel when a child and would end up attaining her BA as well as JD at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1986. Starting out as a banker at Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette, Catz worked there for 10 years before moving on to Oracle in 1999. Named to the board of directors in 2001, she was then promoted to president. After aiding in Oracle’s takeover of PeopleSoft, Catz became the CFO for both companies and in 2014 was announced as the Co-CEO of Oracle alongside Mark Hurd. Her take-home pay now runs at $37,666,750 per year.

Martine Rothblatt ($38,218,255/Year)

2-martine-rothblatt-728x483Martine Rothblatt actually left UCLA to work in satellite communications, but did return there to obtain her BA, MBA, and some law degrees later. Starting out after her studies as a lawyer at Covington & Burling, Rothblatt missed her earlier work and joined NASA for some time before starting her own company in 1996, United Therapeutics Corporation. Chairwoman and CEO, Rothblatt has said that she began the company after her daughter was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. Love and motherhood has paid off, and she now earns $38,218,255 per year.
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