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Honest, Anonymous Confessions From Bank Workers

When it comes to confessions, today’s article is breaking the bank.

To be honest, I truly haven’t interacted with a bank worker in years.

What can I say?! I’ve got amazing apps on my phone and websites on my computer where I can pay my bills and transfer money between my accounts. Every penny I earn is sent directly to my accounts thanks to the glory that is direct deposit.

I also love using debit and credit cards for my purchases–who the heck wants to go to a bank and get cash that you have to carry around with you everywhere you go?

Not I.

And, even when I do find myself walking into a brick and mortar bank, I go straight to the ATM. Why? Because there’s absolutely no reason for me to engage with a human being to get a couple of twenties out of my account.

Also, there’s always a long and winding line to deal with the teller! No, thank you, friends!

Anyway! I am glad that this is the case because that means none of these bank employees are complaining about me. My hands are clean.

Also, now I never want to go in a bank ever again. If these are the people you find there, I’ll take my chances withdrawing money at ATMs at drug stores.

Oh man. This would make me green with envy every day.


The temptation must be pretty strong.


Hooray for saving!


Is that written in your employee manual or something?


I kinda figured that this was what was going on.


Sweet holy Jeebus mother of god that’s a lot of buckeroos!


Don’t you judge me!


Are you also seven-years-old? Just checking.


… how does one not know how they work, exactly?


Yeah. If there’s one thing I miss about our country, it is the ability for bandits to have adventures.


You have lollipops!? Be right there.


Sounds like something that you’ve got the know how to change whenever you’re ready.


My bank does not have such fancy technology.


It took you that long to figure this out?


This sounds like a great start to a John Grisham novel.


That could either be a really happy, or really tragic, error.


Another reason I am happy to do all my bank stuff on my computer.


Source: the-daily | H/T Whisper


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