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One Night Stand Important Rules!


The majority of women do not like an idea one night stand.

But, according to one study, almost 70% of Americans admitted about having, at least, one night stand. If you find yourself in such a situation, here are some important rules you should know:

It’s Not Fate

You were drinking all night and ended up in someone else’s room? Do not mix it with fate or love from the first sight. A physical desire has nothing to do with real love. This night is nothing more than a shared physical contact between two unknown people.

No Alcohol

One night stands should not be mixed with alcohol. Drinking it will certainly impair the judgments, performance and even reaction. Be moderate about drinking and limit yourself with one glass of alcohol. A clear head will help you estimating the partner without any possible misunderstandings.

Protect Yourself

Protecting yourself is very important, especially when it comes to one night stands. Of course, this moment is totally unplanned, so you should e always prepare for it. Always make sure that your own protection is still good and hasn’t expired. Protecting is the first priority of everyone.

It’s Not Too Bad

Do not think that you become bad, if you happen to have a one night stand. You are a human, who has feeling and desires. It’s really difficult controlling a desire to the opposite sex. If you both had impulses, there was nothing bad about it. You both got a lot of pleasure and satisfaction, even though, you may not see each other anymore.



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