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Female Police Officer Fired After Posting Sexy Dance Video on Facebook

I guess that if you are a police officer it’s best to assume that your sex appeal has no place outside the bedroom.


This 26-year-old female Russian police officer named Kristina was recently fired after her superiors saw a video show up online of her doing her best erotic dance. The video in question was posted to a private Facebook that only other officers could look at, so someone in the group ratted her out and leaked the video to the public.

The video itself is pretty odd, she starts off by saying “Hi colleagues, I have decided to create a trade union, now watch me dancing.” She then moves onto her routine that was pretty average, she isn’t becoming a stripper anytime soon. At the end she blows a kiss and gives a little wink, I’m just confused on why she did it in the first place. Several accuse her of being drunk but I thought that was just assumed for most videos that come out of Russia involved alcohol.


Kristina posted of Facebook: “I was fired because of a violation of discipline. I posted the video in a private community on Facebook, all community members were police officers. There is nothing vulgar in the video.”

Which is true, there really isn’t anything vulgar unless you think some tame dirty dancing is too much. She wasn’t even showing that much skin, it’s not like she was wearing her uniform either.


She has put in a formal complaint in an effort to get her job back and I think she should. It might just be my America influenced opinion that police are people too but even if it’s about preserving the police force image I have seen people get away with much worse.

Watch the whole “sexy” dance in the video below:



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