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16 Embarrassing Celebrity Beach Fails Caught on Camera

If you’re a celebrity you have to constantly be aware of your surroundings, because you never know where paparazzi might be lurking. 

Especially at the beach, where you’re probably even more exposed than usual. These celebs, however, seem to be totally oblivious that anyone is watching.

These beach fails are so embarrassing, these stars probably want to dig a hole in the sand and bury themselves in it.

1. Chantelle Houghton


Run, Chantelle, run! We’re not sure where the fire is- maybe she’s just getting a workout in? Probably a good idea…
2. Christina Milian


Christina Milian had a bit of a slip up here… Whoops. Oh well, sh*t happens we suppose, right?
3. David Hasselhoff


What David Hasselhoff is doing in a one-piece, Baywatch style swimsuit we have no clue, but this picture is absolutely priceless.
4. Nina Agdal


We couldn’t tell you why Nina Agdal chose this interesting swim attire, but it was clearly a mistake. With more than one slip up, she may want to consider a more traditional one-piece.
5. Lena Dunham


Oh, Lena. We know your style choices are generally quite out there, but don’t you know you shouldn’t tie a shirt around your waist like that? Even with all of her creative skills, she couldn’t get this one right.
6. Geri Haliwell


Pull down your top, Geri, you’re about to show everyone your real age when exposing the length of where your boobs start and end.
7. Zhang Ziyi


In case you doubt, that is really Zhang Ziyi. We have it all covered and made sure that it is one hundred percent the star of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. It’s really hard to grasp how ass-grabbing became a natural thing to do on the beach. Only these two can answer that.
8. Katy Perry


Katy Perry might be an award-winning singer and performer, but she doesn’t seem to be very good in exiting a pool. Next time you go frolicking into the pool, you may want to be extra cautious and careful especially if you don’t want to leave your bikini bottom behind.
9. Heidi Montag


Are you surprised to see Heidi Montag show a little nip slip? Hey we’ve all been there, it’s a slippery situation but maybe she should have thought of trying on a bigger size to match her giant rack before she took on the raging California waves.
10. Kate Moss


We’re not sure what Kate Moss was thinking here… but having someone cover you up isn’t quite going to cut it when you’re a famous star at a public beach.
11. Miranda Kerr


Too much exposure right there! During her photo-shoot in Miami Beach, the Australian supermodel accidentally revealed more than what was necessary after the strong wind blew her top off and exposed her bare chest for everyone to see.
12. Avril Lavigne


We all love this rocker chic and her spunky character! But when it comes to losing your top in the middle of a beach wave, we just have a little piece of advice: make it subtle and don’t go out blatantly screaming that you’re in the middle of a beach fail.
13. Michelle Rodriguez
Oops! Let’s just say that the former Lost star has a different priority than losing her black bikini bottoms. Unfortunately, there was a camera somewhere behind and caught Rodriguez’ rather embarrassing moment. Just hang in there, you will get through it all.
14. Lindsay Lohan


What do you think would happen if you are wearing a ridiculously tiny top and there is a torrent of big wave right behind you? Well, Lilo would have the first-hand experience on that one especially after venturing into the water with a skimpy top.
15. Paris Hilton


Well, that definitely looks very nasty and awkward. As it turned out, the multi-billion dollar heiress had a wardrobe malfunction while shooting the video for “Stars are Blind”. Unfortunately, even her beach blunder was leaked in public.
16. Uma Thurman


Uma Thurman has been aging well physically and her gift up top has consistently been well endowed. It would be best to wear a bikini that would hold those gifts effectively.

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