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Top 5 Graduation Gift Ideas

1)  The Quick and Easy Ramen Noodle Cooker


Most college going students eat ramen noodles on a daily basis. If they do not know want to go through the hassle of cooking anything, they pig out on junk food—the unhealthy food you tried to keep them away from when they were young.

With you no longer present to guide them into eating home cooked meals, you can gift them a ramen noodle cooker. We only wish we had discovered the ramen noodle cooker when we were in college.

Unfortunately, we weren’t that lucky, but your child can be if you purchase it from them. Imagine how easier their life would be in college, as all they will require to do is put the ramen noodles in the cooker with some water, let it cook, and eat once done.

2) Laundry Bag for their Dirty, Unwashed Clothes


Mom will no longer be doing their laundry, unless they deliberately stack up piles of dirty clothes and bring it home, especially if they haven’t enrolled in an out of state university. Whether they live near or far away from you, they can use a laundry bag to carry all of their dirty clothes.

However, this is not just any laundry bag, but this is all-powerful laundry bag with the ability to carry several clothes. The laundry bag, made with wire mesh frame, will come in handy on laundry day.

3) Time for Coffee


This is another practical gift idea that you can give your child or someone you know who is graduating this year. Unlike in high school, your child will have to give it their all, studying for finals late in the hour.

To help them stay awake and alert, you need to provide them with a coffee machine. Each time they pour a cup of coffee for them, they will think of you and the generous gift you got them.

Browse stores to select the best coffee machine for your child.

4) A Bookshelf for their Dorm


Do you have a studious kid who loves to hit the books? You can purchase them a bookshelf to place in their dorm. If they have a small dorm room, they will require ample space for their laptop, books, and other belongings.

By placing a bookshelf in their dorm, you provide them with a neat little corner to place everything. This will prevent them from making a mess of their dorm room.

5) Provide them with the Ultimate Experience


You can provide them with the ultimate experience by purchasing them concert tickets to their favorite band.

After exams, SATs, and applying to colleges, you can give them a gift that would help them relax and have one awesome experience before going off to college.



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