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Food Hacks To Make Your Life Easy!


Our life is very difficult these days and each of us is trying various things to make it easier.

Here is the list of food hacks, which will help you making your life less complicated:


If you want keeping your cake fresh for a longer period of time, we recommend you storing it overnight with a slice of bread.


Are you going to make cookies, but, unfortunately, you have no eggs in the fridge? Do not worry! You can easily substitute an egg with a half of a banana.


In order to avoid budding, when storing the potatoes, keep them together with apples.


Everyone wants learning how to make an egg enough hard during boiling. Making a tiny hole with a needle will help you doing this. After that cook an egg during 6 minutes and it will be easily peeled.


There is always a big problem how to keep salad fresh for a long period of time. When storing, place it in the paper towel or find some light and natural fabric.


When grilling fish, it’s better doing in on lemon slices. It will help you preventing sticking and will also make the taste of fish quite distinctive.


Our hectic life demands from us microwaving food very often. When doing this, leave some empty space in the very middle of the plate.


Do you know how to peel tomatoes without any problems? You should simply roast them a little bit over flame and the skin would split by itself. After that leave them for some time, until the cool down.


How to squeeze juice from citruses very easily? Putting them into a microwave oven for just 15 seconds will make them soft and easy to squeeze.



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