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5 Things Most Kids Do After Graduating College

1) Live With Their Parents


When you graduate college, you are on the bottom-line of true adulthood. However, most students who believe they’d be set to start a career often end up living in their parents’ homes just because they are too insecure about getting a real job.

And when they are living with their parents, they go back to being children with lots of restrictions and monitoring. Their parents don’t stop interfering in their lives, making them feel much worse. What once seemed like a good idea to avoid rent ends up making you feel totally miserable.

2) Unable To Find A Job


Most college grads are pumped to get a job because they want to live the individual life. But sadly, a majority of them end up without any job. This happens because they have very high expectations followed by a bit of over-confidence.

And when they are able to get a job, they quit within a few days because of their selfdom. So, they end up giving interviews, heading to bars and clubs with other job-less friends, wasting away their precious time.

3) Move To Another City


Most college students are dying to travel to different cities after graduating college. Those who live in less-happening cities are attracted towards big cities like the New York City and L.A. Some kids are sponsored by their parents while others collect money from their first jobs to plan the big move.But the move often gets more stressing and less exciting because of all the tasks that involved. The real struggle begins when these fresh college grads have to manage their homes. From bills to chores, everything begins to get on their nerves, and they realize that being an adult is not a piece of cake.

4) Spending It All And Going Broke


It feels great to have completed college. Most college grads are ready to be adults and above all get the taste of freedom. That’s the reason they become too carefree, get a job, earn money, and spill it all on stupid things like gambling, partying, and everything foolish that one can think of.

So, when all the money is gone, they are unable to manage their bills, and eventually end up knocking the door of their parents’ house. In other words, they go back to being undergrads.

5) Not Being Too Serious With A Job

5-1Even when a few lucky grads get a job, they do not realize its true value until they are on the verge of being kicked out by their annoyed bosses. These kids are impractical and all their misconceptions about working life get shattered once they find out what being mature and independent is really like.



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