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10 Of The Highest Paying College Degrees

1) Petroleum Engineering

1-8Petroleum engineering dominates the list of highest paying college degrees due to its demand. If you complete a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering, then you will be earning a hefty $101,000 in the early stages of your career and $168,000 in your mid-career.

2) Nuclear Engineering

2-8Nuclear engineering deals with the study of atomic nuclei and other sub-atomic applications in physics. If you complete your college degree in nuclear engineering, then you will be set to earn $68,200 at the start of your career and $121,000 after a few years.

3) Actuarial Mathematics

3-8Actuarial mathematics is a field of science that deals with the mathematical, and statistical methods to calculate risk associated with finance, insurance, and other industries. Your early pay as an actuarial mathematician will be $58,800 and after a few years it will increase to $119,000.

4) Chemical Engineering

4-6Chemical engineering is all about physical sciences and life sciences. If you get a degree in chemical engineering, then you will start off your career with an income of around $69,500 and $118,000 in mid-career.

5) Electronics & Communications Engineering

5-6Electronics & Communications Engineering deals in science and mathematics, which is used for the improvements in the field of communications. If you complete this degree, you will earn a starting income of $65,000 and $116,000 during mid-career.

6) Computer Science Engineering

6-1A degree in computer science engineering is in high demand and if you have one, you could earn a starting pay of $69,100 and $115,000 during mid-career. There are so many big names like Google, Apple, and Microsoft that are waiting to recruit individuals with a degree in computer science.

7) Electrical & Computer Engineering

7-1-1Electrical & computer engineering is a rapidly growing field with ample growth opportunities. A bachelor’s degree in this field will get you $67,000 income at the start of your career, and $114,000 after a few years of experience.

8) Systems Engineering

8Systems engineering deals in the designing of complex engineering systems used in everyday life and a degree in this field will get you $67,100 at the beginning of your career. Due to its high demand, a bachelor’s degree in this field of engineering will help you reach an income of $114,000 in the middle of your career.

9) Aeronautical Engineering

9If you have a degree in aeronautical engineering, then there will be a great opportunity for you to secure a job in the top aircraft companies. The starting pay of an aeronautical engineer is $65,100 and $113,000 during mid-career.

10) Mining Engineering

10Mining engineering deals with the technology used for extraction of minerals from the earth. Individuals with a degree in this field will have many career opportunities with impressive pay starting from $71,500. The mid-career income for mining engineers is $109,000


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