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Small Things Parents Should Do For Their Kids Every Day!


What made you happy, when you were a kid?

Maybe it was having wonderful time with your parents or hearing something pleasant from them. Now you are an adult and you are responsible for the happiness of your child. Do you know how to make it happy? Here are some things you can do each day to make your children feel loved by you:

Turn Off Your Phone

When returning home, turn off the phone. Show your children that being with them is more important for you than any business. Devote enough time to kids after work.

Turn Off TV

When you come from work, do not switch on TV at once. Doing this all the time can develop a habit in you. This will also distract you from the children and they will think that you are indifferent to them.


If you have little kids, reading a fairytale before bedtime is a necessary thing. Make this moment truly precious for all of you. Moreover, such a ritual is beneficial for the development of your child’s brain.

Devote Time For Each Child

If you have several kids, it is important not only spend time with them together, but devote yourself to each apart. This will help them feeling special and unique.


What can be a better way of showing your love to children than constantly smiling? This will help them feeling at ease all the time.

Role Model

Sometimes it’s not enough telling kids what to do or not. Showing how to do this by yourself is the most effective way of teaching them something. Become a role model for them and you’ll be able bringing up wonderful kids.



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