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10 Food Facts Everyone Should Know!



Have you ever thought that you are able improving you mood with food without consuming it at all?

In fact, there are so many interesting facts about food. Here are some of them:


Regular consumption of junk food would have the same effect on your body as Hepatitis. The fats, present in the food have a negative impact on liver, which


If you like spices, it’s better making your own at home than buying them at a supermarket. The reason for that is that manufactures often use salt and the cheapest ingredients to make the cost lower.


According to the calculations, there are almost 7,500 kinds of apples in the whole world. Do you think life is enough to taste all of them?


If you have bad mood, concentrating on your favorite food for one minute will help you easily improving it. Such a thought will make your brain producing dopamine – a substance, which is responsible for good mood and motivation.


According to the latest study, it was found out that averagely a person consumes almost 80 tons of food during his life.


According to the statistics, the Swiss consume almost 10 kg of chocolate per one person a year.


Breast milk is the only products, which contains all the necessary vitamins for our organism.


In most ads you see about milk, that white liquid is nothing more than white paint.


In the past chocolate considered to be a real luxury and was even used as a currency by Aztecs.


Broccoli contains 2 times more Vitamin C, which is present in citrus fruits.



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