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Puzzling Facts About Roses!


It seems each girl is crazy about roses.

Roses are known to be one of the most popular kinds of flowers in the whole world. They grow anywhere and are affordable to everyone. Why do people love them so much? What is special about them? Here is the list of some facts about roses, you have never heard!

Juliet Rose

This kind of rose is known to be the most expensive worldwide. David Austin is the breeder of the flower spent almost 15 years and $5 million for breeding it.

The USA Survey

According to one survey, which was conducted in the USA, roses were found to be the most popular kinds of flower in the country.

The Tallest Bush

Have you ever though how high a rose bush can be. It was recorded that the tallest one reached almost 7 meters.


Roses are one of those flowers, which can live during a long time period. There is a rose bush in Germany, which covers the Cathedral Hildesheim wall, which age is almost 1000 years, isn’t great?

They Are Edible

You can easily eat roses. They are packed with Vitamin C, A and even B.


A rose is one of the flowers, which was mentioned in the Bible.

Space Journey

In 2001 a flower of rose participated in space journey, aiding in one study concerning low gravity on its smell. It helped in understanding how to make consumer products more fragrant.

First Rose Breeder

George Washington is known to be the first breeder of the flowers. One rose he names after his mother and it sounds Mary Washington.



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