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Most Insane Things Found By Airport Security Ever

Few items are not allowed to take from one country to another country such as illegal items, weapons and creatures. But some people don’t understand this and try to make the airport security fool by applying some tricks.

Here we have the crazy illegal items that people brought to the airport but couldn’t take back with them.

1. When a girlfriend tried to take her criminal boyfriend out of the country!

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Mexican prison authorities find woman’s partner in the bag!

2. A severed head!



On Chicago’s Ohare airport, a person was caught with an unexpected number heads as luggage of his bag.

3. Two tiny monkeys!



These two were found in a man’s underpants. After this, the man was sentenced prison for 50 days.

4. The ugly spiders!

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Airport security team seized around 100 spiders from a passenger who was trying to migrate them to US.

5. Cocaine Cast


This cast was made completely out of cocaine. He broke his leg deliberately, but his plan didn’t work because of his stupid mistake. He took some cocaine in his luggage too, and that got caught.

6. A baby tiger! Seriously!


A man from Asia tried to take this tiger cub in his luggage with some tiger soft toys.

7. Tropical Fish Apron

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Woman tried to took 100 fish from Australia.



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