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7 Most Painful And Cruel Deaths In History

History has always been cruel but it’s quite interesting too. Call me a history buff, but I always found it interesting, maybe because I was blessed with a nice history teacher in my high school. Talking about history, rulers in those times followed many inhumane practices, sometimes to force their religious beliefs or punish the criminals or suppress the revolt against the establishment.

Here we include the 7 most painful and cruel deaths in the history of our planet which I’m sure will send the chills down your spine.

Go ahead and read a little about history, it’s not as boring as your think it is.

1. Bhai Mati Das Ji


Bhai Mati Das is still remembered as one of the greatest martyrs in the Sikh history. He was executed by the Qazi (Judge of the Shari’a court) because of raising voice against the atrocities done by Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb on the Hindus of Kashmir, called Kashmiri Pandits.

Mati Das was tortured by tying him between two posts. He was inquired as to whether he had any last words, to which Mati Das replied, “I ask for just to let me turn my head in the direction of my Guru as I am executed.” Two killers set a twofold saw on his head. Mati Das gently articulated “Ek Onkar” and began reciting the Japji Sahib, a great morning prayer of the Sikhs. It is said that as his body was being sawn into two, the Japji kept on reciting until it was all over.

2. Francois Ravaillac


Francois Ravaillac was an assassin who assassinated Henri IV of France. Of course, he has to get most severe treatment as possible for his deeds. He was tortured for days to get the names of his fellow assassins and the conspirators behind this assassination plot, but he denied that he had any co-conspirators and insisted that he acted alone.

On the day of May 27, finally, he was tortured one last time at the Place de Grève in Paris before being pulled apart by four horses. Before his execution, Ravaillac’s right arm was dived into blazing sulfur and pliers were used to forcefully pull skin from his chest, thighs and arms. Liquid metals and boiling oil were then poured into these injuries and everywhere on his body. At last, he was tied to four horses and had his body torn separated.

An angry mob gathered around his dismantled remains and tore his remains in further smaller parts.

3. Balthasar Gerard


Balthasar Gerard was also an assassin and murdered William III of England to get the bounty of 25,000 crowns from the Spanish King Philip III.

Gérard was over and over whipped and lashed, he had substantial weights connected to his toes, and he was compelled to wear boots produced using puppy skin which contracted with warmth and smashed his feet. His armpits were then marked, hot bacon fat was poured over his body. His execution was also fierce. His right hand, which he used to fire the gun that murdered William, was blazed off with a super hot iron and pliers were used to detach the skin from his body. He was then quartered and gutted – his heart being tossed in his face while he was still alive – before being executed. It could be counted as one of the most painful and cruel death in the history.

4. Edward II


Edward was the king of England. His tenure was quite criticized for a campaign against Robert the Bruce of Scotland. In 1327, Edward was dismissed and detained in Berkeley Castle, leaving the throne to his son, Edward III.

But in September 1327, rumors were all around that Edward II was tortured and secretly executed under the orders from the new administration.

It was said that the previous ruler was tied with his stomach facing the ground and had a horn pushed into his rear-end. An intensely red-hot poker was then poured into the horn, burning his inner organs and leaving no outward hint of injustice.

Numerous history specialists question the legitimacy of this medieval babble and trust it to be purposeful publicity against the removed ruler (particularly in light of the fact which said that he was homosexual), yet the assumed passing of Edward II remains a shameful event.

5. Saint Lawrence


Many saints faced very brutal death and martyred for their religious beliefs. In 257 AD, the Roman ruler Valerian passed a new law which requested Christians to idolize the Roman Gods or else lose their titles and property. Further refusal could prompt expulsion and execution, and accordingly numerous noticeable Christians – including Pope Sixtus II – were executed for their rebellion. St Lawrence was one of seven saints who was killed amid this time.

He was tied on an iron flame warmed by coals so he could be simmered to death. Clearly, as he was cooking St Lawrence said, “Turn me over, I’m done on this side!” – a witty comment which later made him the holy patron saint of cooks and culinary specialists.

6. Cato the Younger


Cato was a Roman Statesman, who always opposed the Julius Caesar and even made a statement that he would rather kill himself than to live in a Rome ruled by Julius Caesar.

Well, eventually Caesar rose to power and being a man of word, in 46 BC Cato tried to kill himself by diving his sword into his stomach.

At the point when his servants discovered him lying on the floor covered in blood with his intestines hanging out, they quickly searched out for a doctor. The doctor evidently stuffed Cato’s guts again into his body (they had not been punctured by the sword) and sewed him back.

In any case, when Cato recovered awareness and saw that he had been sewed, he quickly tore the sewing and pulled his organs out. He died right after that.

7. Guru Teg Bahadur


Guru Teg Bahadur was the ninth Sikh Guru, who undertook the supreme sacrifice for the protection of most fundamental of human rights.

Many people in the history gave away their life for their personal or religion gains, but Guru martyred for non-Sikhs, peace loving people from Kashmir.

He raised his voice against the Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb. Under the reign of Aurangzeb, Hindus of Kashmir – Kashmiri Pandits were being harassed and threatened to convert their faith to Islam. Guru opposed this forced conversion to “one true religion”, therefore, he was imprisoned by the ruler.

In 1675, Guru along with some of his companions was brought to Delhi and were asked to convert to Islam or face execution. On refusing, Guruji and his companions were chained and tortured in the public for five long days in most inhumane ways. Even after that Guru refused to give up and finally was beheaded.

His supreme sacrifice is still remembered by not only Sikhs but by the whole country of India. By this ultimate martyrdom, he earned the title of “Hind-Di-Chadar” means Shield of India.

So, these were the 7 most painful and cruel deaths in the history.



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