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How To Keep Others Secrets!


Gossips is the main hobby of women at any age.

However, it’s difficult to keep your mouth shut and not to tell what you shouldn’t!

Usually people don’t know why they tell someone’s secrets. We’re controlled by the feeling to show our significance, that you know something and only you know about it. You also faced with such people and felt that you’re not so important if you don’t know something.

Next time when you want to tell a secret, to show your significance, pretend that you’re very important person, who know a unique information, and if you tell it you will loose your power.

If you have conscience, then imagine that owner of the secret will know about what you did and you would be very ashamed. Do you like it? This is the most typical situation that happens, so prevent yourself from it.

If you want to discuss the information that you came to know about, then talk to yourself. You can also tell about it your cat or dog. Even if you think that you will never meet the person and it’s safe to tell his secret, don’t be so sure! There’s a small chance but it unfortunately exists, that you can meet with this person. However, the meeting would be not so nice for you.

There’re also people who beg you to tell them some gossips and they deal with different tricks to make you tell them. Say that you don’t have any right, and it would be better if he asks about it personally the owner of the secret.



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