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Man Cuts 2 Holes Into The Lid Of A Giant Cooler. When He Adds The Finishing Touches – WOW!

1 Keeping Cool

As the summer approaches, there are numerous ways you can keep cool in your home without spending an insane amount on your electric bill! This guy has definitely figured out a major solution…


2 Homemade Air Conditioner

To create your DIY styrofoam air cooler, you will need a small pvc pipe, small cooler and tiny fan…


3 Two Holes

Start off by cutting two large holes in the lid of your cooler, as these will be the place your fan and PVC pipe will go…


4 Try It Out!

After placing the pvc pipe and fan into the holes, place ice inside of your cooler…


5 Enjoy The Breeze

You will barely need to refill the cooler, as one block of ice can last up to five hours…and some even ten!




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