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Being Single Vs. Being In A Relationship… In 22 Hilariously Accurate Images.

Some of the differences between being single and being taken are totally obvious. For starters, when you’re in a relationship, there’s this person who seems to want to hang out with you and follow you to activities like bars, restaurants, and the movies — and you seem to want to do the same thing to them.

That’s definitely the main difference.

But what about the more subtle disparities between the single life and the relationship life, including how you spend your time, what your home looks like, and how much money you have in your wallet?

These hilarious memes show the difference between the two, and they’re all totally relatable for anyone who is (or has ever been in a relationship). As it turns out, going from single to being in a relationship (and maybe, sadly, back to single again) changes your life more than you may suspect. This post goes out to anyone who may have been affected by the harsh realities of 22.

1.Life goes by a lot slower when you’re with the one you love.

Then again, this might just reference the fact that your significant other won’t let you drive very fast.


2.Phone conversations take on a whole new life.

You know you’re in love when you spend hours on the phone, but realize you don’t actually talk that much during that time — you’re too busy co-watching a show or making dinner in separate apartments.


3.This is very true, unfortunately.

When it comes to dating, it often feels like feast or famine. As soon as you get paired up, that’s when everyone seems to take notice.


4.This comic only further illustrates that point.

Seriously, guys: You couldn’t have bought me a drink before my boyfriend was around to do it? I’d have saved thousands.


5.Shopping now comes with a second opinion.

But don’t worry, most of the time it’s a second opinion that you desperately need. You’ll thank her later.


6.This meme has a double meaning.

Either it’s referencing the amount of time you have on your hands when you’re single (you can afford to be precise!), or it’s a commentary on the true nature of razor abandonment once in a relationship.


7.Conversations take a different turn when you’re single.

Even if they are happening in another language.


8.This is a marked improvement.

Although, even people in relationships should still be sniffing the leftovers every once in awhile.


9.It’s true: The whole discourse changes once you’re committed.

Funny how changing a few words here and there can change the whole nature of your conversations.


10.Social media gets quieter when you’re taken.

And honestly, maybe that’s what we’re all really looking for anyways.


11.So this is what they mean when they say “look for your other half.”

Big or small, we all need someone around to complete us.


12.Your underwear game gets a step up when you’re taken.

But we’re hoping that you still keep those epic single underpants around for when you just want to be comfy.


13.This may have been true years ago.

But now, we think you’ll find that all the bearded guys are actually taken. After all, beards are *so hot* right now.


14.Even Pac Man gets what it’s like to go from single to taken.

It’s funny because it’s true.


15.The bags in your hand might change.

But the point is, you still have bags in your hand.


16.The truth is, your life just gets more crowded.

Being single is all about having space — literally.


17.Even your fridge gets an upgrade.

After all, you have to have groceries in the fridge if you want to cook a romantic meal.


18.You could definitely upgrade from beer to champagne.

But the best relationships are ones where you drink both — and always do so together.


19.Your bros might be mad that they take a back seat.

But they also might stick around — and maybe your partner can actually hang with them and have a good time.


20.Being single means having a heavy hand with friend requests.

After all, you never know when a friend might turn into something more. It’s a numbers game, really.


21.And formerly innocent activities might get a little…mature.

Although we do not necessarily endorse this kind of movie theater behavior. Plus, the view actually kind of sucks.


22.And finally, the realest truth about being in a relationship.

When you’re in love, time flies — and so do your dollars.




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