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Reality Show Producers Pay Teens To Get Girls Pregnant

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that people get exploited at levels, from govt to companies , from friends to relatives and even in glamour world of television.

Over the past few years, reality shows are booming on television. One of such reality shows which is followed by lot of audience is based on concept of teen pregnancies. There is bitter truth behind the scenes of these reality shows.

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The Hit Shows


In some of the popular shows based on teen pregnancies concept the producers and directors do a foul play with the participants. In order to gain more viewership, they exploit the teens in these programmes. They actually pay teens who are willing to do anything make money, they ask these teens to impregnate girls with interesting families to attract higher viewership.



Some of the shows like ‘Bump in the Road’ have been accused by the lawsuit as the producers were found paying teen aged boys to have s*x with their girlfriends or other teen girls without protection to make them pregnant.

The law suit claims that the producers would choose to target more affluent areas so that it will attract more attention to the show. Army Hampton, a lawyer for plaintiffs called such producers “a hazard to American families & next generation of adults”



The scam came into spotlight when a girl saw a series of text messages on her boyfriends mobile. The texts discussed how big a hole should be poked in cond*m for it fail without causing attention. Mrs Hampton said that “Teen boys were told to poke holes in cond*ms & other deceitful acts. When the girls found out, they were traumatized. Their entire life could have affected”. Thankfully none of the girls became pregnant but certainly we like to that since when is this exploitation is taking place and how often is it happening.

Show Airing


So far none of the channels has bought the show and it not been aired. One of the stations’ executive said anonymously “We were not interested in the show when it was pitched. No one was aware of these allegations. We do not and would never condone these actions.”

This shocking development in the scam has made many wonder about the bitter truth behind the reality shows.




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