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100 year old life hacks that still work today

1 Gallaher Brand Cigarette Cards

It may be ironic, but In the early 1900’s, each pack of Gallaher brand cigarettes would come with a handy “life hack” card containing tips that can be amazingly still used today!


2 How To Extract a Splinter

Create a “suction” by completely filling a wide mouthed bottle with hot water, press the splintered part of the hand tightly against the bottle’s mouth. The suction and hot water will draw out the splinter.


3 Keep Plants Watered While Away

Fill a bucket with water slightly above and near as many plants as practical. Loosely braid two or three strands of wool together, immerse completely in water. Place one end of the braid in the bucket, weighted, and touching the bottom. Rest the other end on the soil. Use separate braids of wool for each pot.


4 Light A Match In The Wind

Cut thin shavings on the match towards its striking end, as shown in the picture. On lighting the match the curled strips will catch fire at once, and the flame is stronger, and has a better chance.


5 Make A Fire Extinguisher

If there’s a fire outbreak, throw one or more bottles containing a retardent solution into the flames. It will extinguish and prevent the fire from spreading. Recipe: Dissolve one pound of salt and half a pound of sal-ammoniac in two quarts of water and bottle the liquor in thin glass bottles holding about a quart each.


6 Make A Water Filter

A handy filter can be made out of an ordinary perfectly clean zinc water bucket! The water percolates through the layers of fine and coarse sand, and clean picked gravel and stones, with which a bucket is filled. Water exits out the bottom in a clear state through a hole that’s drilled and fitted with a small pipe.


7 Rescue Someone From Electric Shock

If you’re rescuing a person touching a “live wire”, do not attempt to take hold of him if he is still grasping the wire, unless your hands are protected by rubber gloves, a waterproof coat, or several thicknesses of dry cloth! Stand on glass or dry wood, and try and have the current switched off, and call for medical assistance.


8 Stop A Mad Dog

Hold a stick, your jacket/shirt or even a hat before the dog, it will attack your defense before biting, while giving you the opportunity of disabling him with a kick!


9 How To Cut A Tree

Decide which side you want the tree to fall, cut alternatively a downward and inward cut as shown. “When about half through, proceed to cut the other side a few inches higher, and finally pull tree down by means of ropes.”


10 How To Preserve Eggs

“Eggs for preserving must be newly laid, and by simply putting these into a box or tin of dry salt-burying the eggs right in the salt and keeping it in a cool dry place — it is possible to preserve them for a very long period. No air whatever should be allowed to get to the shell.”





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