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18 Photos Of America Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

The Wedge, Newport Beach, California

1466399531-4298-1-102-990x990Flickr: dirkdallas / Creative Commons


Manhattan Beach Pier, California

1466399531-7323-2-80-990x787Flickr: dirkdallas / Creative Commons

Venice Beach Skate Park, California

1466399531-6942-3-79-990x521Flickr: dirkdallas / Creative Commons

Gray Whale Cove, California

1466399532-9079-4-75-990x689Flickr: brendanlim / Creative Commons

Palm Springs, California

1466399532-6544-5-70-990x792Flickr: dirkdallas / Creative Commons

Port Madison, Bainbridge Island, Washington

1466399532-9129-6-68-990x742Flickr: gasi / Creative Commons

Prospect Hill Tower, Somerville, Massachusetts

1466399538-1550-7-65-990x556Flickr: ekilby / Creative Commons

Lake Placid, New York

1466399538-5651-8-59-990x796Flickr: stillwellmike / Creative Commons

Ocean Shores, Washington

Flickr: gasi / Creative Commons

1466399539-1430-10-52-990x742Flickr: gasi / Creative Commons

Cloud Gate, Chicago

1466399539-7702-11-47-990x780 Flickr: dirkdallas / Creative Commons

Loon Pond, Acton, Maine

1466399539-9922-12-44-990x556Flickr: ekilby / Creative Commons

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

1466399544-3719-13-37-990x557Flickr: lookcatalog / Creative Commons

The seas and cenotes of California

1466399544-1913-14-36-990x495 Flickr: dirkdallas Flickr: dirkdallas / Creative Commons

The dunes of Riverside, California

1466399544-6146-15-33-990x742 Flickr: dirkdallas / Creative Commons

Lake Tahoe, California

1466399545-7716-16-31-990x743 Flickr: aerial-flight-productions / Creative Commons

Rattlesnake Ledge, North Bend, Washington

1466399545-1950-17-26-990x742 Flickr: michaelmattiphotography / Creative Commons

Oak Street Beach, Chicago

1466399545-4670-18-26-990x743 Flickr: romanboed / Creative Commons

Manhattan, New York City

1466399548-2255-19-23-990x663 Flickr: zemlinki / Creative Commons

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