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Why Girls Go To The Bathroom Only With Other Girlfriends???

Did you notice that women never go to toilet alone?

Whether it is a party or just night out, when the time comes to go to the lady’s room, the girls always get together and attack the room! Why can’t they go one by one? Is there a monster hiding behind the toilet??? There are few simple explanations to this phenomenon:

Gossiping. Yes, bathroom is the best place where you can discuss the men you came with or just met. This is like an escape route. They can talk there about everything :bf, husbands, shoes, nails. There are some topics to be discussed only in the lady’s room!

Take a selfie. Do you know, that most of the pictures in girl’s albums on networks are from lady’s rooms. Either from a fancy club or disco…somehow these places always have a fantastically decorated rooms, and you just can’t miss taking pics with your gf’s!

Afraid of being alone. Sometimes girls are afraid of staying in a group of men only. If one girl goes to pee, the other one is left among these animals. Girl starts to feel uncomfortable and looks for escape which is right there….WC!!!!

Bored. If you have to stay in the line for 10 minutes by yourself, it gets extremely boring…but if you have your gf by your side, time flies!!!

Beauty saloon. Lady’s room is the best place to check on your make up, change the stockings, sometimes even make exchange of lingeries and shoes. You never know how your evening might end!!!

Anyway, don’t get pissed off if you see your woman going to ladies room with other girls, she doesn’t do anything criminal there ?


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