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The Financial Independence Of Women!

The independence of women depends on their financial position.

In other words, everything depends on money. If you have money, then we can speak about freedom and independence. But if there’s no money, then there  it is more correctly to talk about depending on the people who have enough money.

Women’s psychology is radically different from men’s. This applies to all aspects of life, including the finance. In general, woman has a range of problems with money. If woman will cope with these problems then she can become truly independent and autonomous.

1. More than half of women save money for a major purchase of her family’s needs. As a result, all the savings are quickly disappeared. As for men, they try to increase their savings, and make them work for some purpose.

2. Up to 80% of women do not know how to invest their money. The best option is that they put them on the savings books.

3. Women are used to rely on men. In this way they are relaxed and have a comfortable life. If a man does not do what woman expects, then he becomes a loser. Women do not assume any responsibility. Here I should note that only 15% of women think about the future and pensions.  85% of women do not imagine how they will live, when they are retired.

4. Women don’t use their power and strength. American psychologists have found that in the stock market, women are much more successful than men. At the same time, even the most successful ladies experience a sense of alertness to the stock markets.

5. Women are forced to ask men for money. But the vast majority of beautiful creatures do not see anything humiliating to ask men for money. However, this situation leads to a complete loss of any initiative. To speak about independence in this case would be ridiculous.




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