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6 Early-Symptoms Of [email protected] That You Can’t Ignore

Cancer has become most feared disease, mostly because of its aggressive symptoms and very difficult treatment. Many people died each year because of cancer. There is lot information available on all form of cancer on internet except for [email protected] cancer. Because of its unfavorable location, it becomes a taboo topic for most of the population. It is the most overlooked form of cancer, but it is the most horrifying one. [email protected] cancer need not to be ignored and therefore we are sharing its symptoms. Have a look.

What Is [email protected] Cancer?


[email protected] cancer develops at the opening of rectum. This development is due to uncontrolled and abnormal growth of cells in the an*S. Although it’s not very common form of cancer, it’s often overlooked because of its location.

Type Of [email protected] Cancer


Cancer in [email protected] region is divided into two type. First is [email protected] cancer which affect the opening of rectum only and second is colorectal cancer which affect the entire rectum.

How Bad [email protected] Cancer Is?


[email protected] cancer is very dangerous and painful form of cancer, especially if not detected in early stages. 1 out of every 8 person who get this cancer died from it. It affects nearly 10,000 Americans every year. Due to lack of knowledge about early symptoms, most cases of this cancer are diagnosed only after it spreads to the lymph nodes.

[email protected] Cancer Symptoms


As like any other cancer, detection of [email protected] cancer in early stage is very crucial for successful treatment. But for doing this, you need to know about the symptoms of [email protected] cancer. Here are some symptoms that you can’t ignore:

1. Itching- There can be other reason for [email protected] itching, but intense and repeated itching need not to be ignored.

2. Pain- Unbearable pain in [email protected] area is not a good sign.

3. Bowel Movement- Unusual bowel moment doesn’t always mean you have an serious problem, but if it continue for a long time, you can’t ignore it.

4. Bleeding- [email protected] bleeding always means that there is wrong with your body.

5. Discharge- Unusual discharge with foul smell needs immediate expert attention.

6. Hardened Lump- Any hardened lump near an*s need not to be ignored.

Exact cause of [email protected] cancer are still unknown. But some factors like weak immune system, smoking, frequent an*s infection, etc are supposed to increase the chances of this cancer. [email protected] cancer affects mostly adults over 60. Men under 35 are also at high risk to develop this cancer.



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