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How To Cope With Man’s Jealousy!


Some psychologists define jealousy as an obsessive-compulsive disorder, others speak of a serious mental illness.

Jealousy exists for many thousands of years. It was born at the dawn of human civilization, and makes the life of women difficult. Living with a jealous person is an extremely difficult task.

Such a person is jealous of men of any age, and any appearance, of any financial condition. And what to do in such  situation when woman who even don’t think about cheating on her husband?

Psychologists advise not to remain silent and not to pretend that nothing terrible happens. And certainly not to be proud of the fact that your husband is jealous, because jealousy does not a sign of a big love, but it’s rather a consequence of man’s fear.
Silence provoke longer bouts of jealousy. Over time, they will acquire a threatening nature. Always remember that any action should receive an equal opposite reaction. If you don’t have it, then the disaster will surely come.

Therefore, we must always indicate a problem and then you should have a serious discussion on this topic. It will help if your partner is not a pathological jealous. You should choose the moment when the husband will be in a good mood to start this conversation. He needs to explain that all his suspicions are unfounded. You love him, appreciate, and you have no one but him. Maybe, it is necessary to have a few conversations like this. And if your partner is intelligent, then jealousy attacks will fade away.

Psychologists offer this technique: think over some favorite key word or phrase for an emergency discharge. For example, let it be “good evening.” These words will be the sign to stop.
When you and your beloved are hanging out with friends somewhere and notice that he starts to blush, pale, becomes angry, thenhe shows all signs of jealousy attack. To cope with this situation, you need to say softly and tenderly to your beloved: “Good evening.” After this the attack should go away, or significantly weaken.

You should also use another trick. The point here is that all men are attentive to their health, and when they are ill, they remind us small and fractious children. So explain him that when he becomes jealous, he harms his psyche. It damages the nervous system and other organs of the body. Focus on his health, rather than on the fact of jealousy. In some cases, it helps.



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