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Best Ayurvedic Tips For Your Skin!


India has given to the whole world a lot of precious things and Ayurveda is one of them.

It is a part of 5 Vedas, dating back 5000 years ago. All its tricks are located deeper than all the contemporary most innovative beauty industry. Here are some of the most effective tips, which are still used by Indian women to make their skin beautiful and magnificent!

Raw Milk

Milk is known to be a priceless ingredient in the Vedic culture. Ayurveda recommends washing the face in the morning with raw milk – it will clean all the pores and make you looking fascinating. After that you can clean a face with rose water, which would add to the effect.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is known to be one of the most precious plants. The aloe gel is known to be an instant treat for all possible allergies, sunburns and rashes. The plant is able moisturizing the skin very deeply. Moreover, it will also help you to slow down the skin aging process. If you drink juice of the plant, you’ll be able to protect yourself from all possible stomach problems.

Holy Basil

Holy basil is the name of the religious tree, known as Tulsi. The majority of Indian home entrances are guarded by the plant. They associate it with purity, love and peace. If you chew the leaves of the tree, it will help you cleaning your systems. It also helps regulating diabetes, enhances concentration and memory. Leaves juice will make your skin glowing and extremely young.



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