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Warning For The Facebook Users: Stop Using Emoticons…Here Is The Reason

The reaction feature of the Facebook that is emoticon has gained popularity among most of the people. From young to old, every user is using emoticons to express their feelings on a post. But do you know this simple yet exciting feature is sharing your personal data under your nose?

Using Emoticon On Facebook Is Not Safe.

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What Belgian Police Department Have To Say About Emoticons…



Yes! You read it write. The emoticon feature gives an access to your personal data, due to which they are able to evaluate your likes and dislikes and post the result. More over it is not hidden, every time you accept the terms and conditions of the app, they mention clearly that by accepting their terms and condition you allow them to track your likes, dislikes, and other activities.

So if you don’t want to share your personal data with others, keep a check on your emoticon usage!

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