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These 3 Famous People Were Adopted!


Many think famous people have always lived in rich families and have never experienced any financial problems.

There are so many famous people, who were adopted, but this doesn’t prevent them from dreaming and achieving their goals. Here is the list of famous figure, who were adopted.

John Lennon


It seems everyone knows John Lennon. This figure is known to have founded the band Beatles, which became famous all over the world. His parents separated and e was asked with whom he wants to stay. After a number of situations he decided staying his aunt and uncle. In spite of this e became extremely popular and talented.

Edgar Allan Poe


Poe is known to be one of the most famous American authors of the 19th century. All his works are really incredible and fascinating. His father abounded the family, when Poe was very little and very soon the mother died. He started living with Frances and John Allan, but was never adopted by them.

Marilyn Monroe


Monroe is known to be one of the most distinctive figures in the history of fashion. Moreover, she is one of the most prominent actresses of all times. Till these days no one knows all the details about her childhood. There was even a case, when she refused acknowledging a biological father and any possible relation to him. The actress spent much of her youth in foster homes, before she was surrounded with modeling business and Hollywood.



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