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WOW….Your Used iPhone Real Price Will Leave You In A State Of Shock!!

Take a pause for a while and search for all your old gadgets hidden at your home. PCs, tablets, Mobiles came out from a place as to never use them again. Not only devices are substituted by newer models, a lot many things have also become outdated. Consumers are addicted to Latest products. Techgiant Apple is indifferent from them. People are switching to new products like Apple and old phones are being resold. They are also being traded on internet sites like eBay for some amount in order to get a newer one. Here you can learn how much your old unused product or your used iPhone is worth and get your account credited by reselling.

Take a read, before doing that:

According To Apple Environmental Report…


According To Apple Environmental Report, it was said that around 1,000 kg of gold was recovered from recycled iPhones, iPads and Macs. Being non-reactive and a good conductor of electricity, gold is used in Apple’s electronic devices. It is not easy to get it wore off.

Giving it an outlook, a kilogram of gold is worth around $40,000. Millions can be earned by Apple with your old, outdated devices. Be sure not to try for this tedious process of extracting gold as Apple have their own robot called Liam that takes apart old devices and extracts the metal.

Although Apple Is The Richest Company…


Although Apple is the richest company all over yet they are reusing the material in order to make new devices. They are not in need of that extra dollars. It is a people-concerned company.

Watch this video shared with you showing how this guy tries to prank an Apple store with a broken 18k gold Apple watch.

So, what will you do if you are search of Apple model update? Do not risk tearing it to earn some bucks. Instead, sell it on Craiglist earning more amount of money.



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