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TOP 5 Hottest Nightclubs In The World!


Nightlife has become truly crazy these days.

There have appeared so many nightclubs that it’s difficult even to imagine. Are you one of those who are in love with music and parties? Can you control yourself when it comes to nightlife? It’s all about girls, alcohol, drugs and many other things. Let’s look at the hottest spots of nightlife in the whole world.


Ibiza is known to be a real paradise for parties. Pacha is considered to be the most popular club there. If you want to sweat, it’s a perfect place to do it.


London is known to be is one of the main centers of the contemporary electronic music. Fabric is the real king of this kind of music. It is really very beautiful, has wonderful lights, sound system – all this will certainly blow your mind.

Green Valley

Green Valley is known to be one of the most famous nightclubs in Brazil. It is mainly represents electronic music, which is extremely popular these days. Almost 8000 people can be placed here. It’s really an insane place, which sometimes resembles the hell.


This club is known to be the oldest in the whole Asia. It is situated in Singapore. It was founded in 1991 and since those times has been considered a real music nightlife icon. Almost 4000 people can be accommodated here.


Space is one more popular club on Ibiza. One should save a lot of energy for this club. Be ready for hard parties and crazy music. You’ll be amazed by the variety of electronic music in the club.



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