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Most Expensive Ever Made Films!

Films are an inevitable part of the contemporary society.

Nowadays a lot of movies are released daily. Hollywood is blossoming with its actors’ staff. It is also know to be a home for one of the most expensive ever made films. Have you ever thought which movies have made the biggest box office in the history?

Pirates of the Caribbean – $332 Million

This film is known to be one of the most popular in the whole world. Everyone goes crazy when see Johnny Depp in the main role there. The public all over the world received the storyline about the pirates. Moreover, the film obtained a lot of positive responses from the critics.

Titanic – $286 Million

It seems everyone has watched Titanic. It’s known to be one of the best romantic movies in the film industry during the whole history. The movie made James Cameron extremely famous all over the world. It’s a real hit of the current millennium.

Spider Man 3 – $286 Million

Spider Man is known to be one of the most popular films among the contemporary youth. The movie got a lot of success all over the world. It seems none of the movie has better visual effect than this one.

Tangled – $274 Million

This animated film has stricken the contemporary theater. It has been produced for almost 6 years. Its visual effects are really incredible and fantastic. All the strategies, described in the film were much appreciated and estimated. It received a lot of positive responses from public and critics.



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