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Microsoft Could Pay A Fee To Use “Skype” In Europe

A European Court of Justice ruled that the Skype brand was too close to the name of the Anglo-Saxon Sky firm. Microsoft should be able to keep the Skype brand, but may have to pay Sky for the right to use “Skype”.

The complaint dates from before the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft, audio visual group Anglo Saxon believes Skype BSkyB and Sky are too similar and that there was a shortfall on the part of BSkyB when someone confuses both brands.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has problems with one of its brands; the company had already faced justice BSkyB regarding its storage service in the cloud Sky Drive. Following a court in the UK, Microsoft had to give up the name of his service to rename it one drive thereafter.

According to a Microsoft representative, the firm should not this time be forced to abandon the Skype brand, but we imagine that it could sign a financial agreement to use the mark. Unlike Sky drive at the time, Skype is a very strong brand and known to the public and, like the Xbox, Skype is often dissociated from Microsoft in the minds of users. In a market of instant communication with strong competition, the company probably does not have the means to cash a renaming of the product.




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